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Unfortunately, the difference is far from the previous blog writing.

It may be because it is difficult to write these things.

However, I personally think that learning should be summarized as much as those of my predecessors.

When I came back to school in July 11, I learned "HTML + CSS" in my home dormitory and found it really hard to stick to it.

Sometimes it's a day, and it's a week without knowing it... look at the mirror and find that it's cool and speechless.

Every time I want to stick to running the inner ring (Guangzhou University City) every night, but it only occasionally.

In fact, your own process is not too busy... it seems that there is really an urgent need to improve the mixed daily living habits and strengthen physical exercise,

I hope we all need it.

Next, let's talk about how HTML + CSS feels during this time.

At the beginning, I watched the video. In every case, I thought it was easy, but I don't know if it was my personal problem or a beginner.

I found that sometimes, even if you copy the code, it may fail to achieve the expected results.

Sometimes it's really annoying, or even painful.

1. Ignore the entire code relationship. Sometimes some code implementation requires support of the document type.

I only noticed the code to achieve the effect when writing or even copying it, so sometimes it seems that it has been difficult for a long time.

I even copy and Replace the sentence code to see where the problem is... because I may be a little less confident, I am always afraid that I will make a mistake in my carelessness. (Because a letter or symbol has a lot of errors)

Therefore, I think that sometimes I cannot identify problems from some code, so we should consider the global aspect.

2. At the beginning, I used editplus to write the data. Because some attribute words were wrong, I heard my senior friend say I switched to DW, but another problem occurred to me... sometimes it is modified in the HTML document and then transferred to the CSS document for modification.

Finally, "Ctrl + S" Save... to see the effect, but nothing. I didn't know what was going on at the beginning, so I had a long struggle. Originally, I only saved one of the HTML and CSS files, and the other was not updated and saved.

Ah, I really don't know how to say my carelessness...

3. I personally think it is really important to select a selector in CSS. I hope I can gradually gain experience through multiple exercises. Sometimes I don't understand why I think it is clear that the choice is correct, and it does not work.

In addition, you can use the selector to reduce the use of ID or class. However, I don't know if this is good or not. Sometimes I am quite entangled in the inheritance issue .... it is clear that the CSS set for a part is mixed with the selector, but it also has an impact on other child generations .... ah.

Maybe I am not very good at writing. I always feel that some things can be improved only when I practice more. I would like to share the above with you. I hope that we can sum up the problems we have learned, stick to learning, and work hard.

I am also keen on Linux, and I am also familiar with Linux during my holidays. I always think it's time to see the highlighted display in Linux. Maybe it's because Windows is tired. Attach film to wake up

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