HTML and CSS interview topics which comes 2

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Media: DOCTYPE role? How does strict mode differ from promiscuous mode?

Soy sauce: The DOCTYPE tag is a document type description of a standard generic markup language, and his goal is to tell the standard generic markup Language parser what type of document the definition of a DTD should be used to parse the document.

Difference: Strict mode: Affirming the correct DTD

Promiscuous mode: Do not declare DTDs or add XML declarations in DOCTYPE

Media: HTML5 Why only write <! DOCTYPE html>

Soy sauce: HTML5 is not based on SGML and therefore does not require a reference to the DTD.

Media: What are the new features of HTML5, and which elements are removed?

Soy sauce: New features: (for example, if you can, the interviewer mainly tests whether you h5 understand, in fact, he is not very clear, unless your interviewer is dedicated to do H5)

Content elements: Header,article,section,footer

Form controls:,email

Control elements: WebSocket, etc.

Removed elements: Presentation layer elements: Big Center,font,s,tt,u

Elements with poor performance: Frame.frameset.noframes

Media: How do I handle browser compatibility issues with HTML5 new tags?

Soy sauce: IE6/7/8 supports tags generated through the document method, which allows browsers to support H5 new features

Or use the H5 framework

Media: How do I differentiate between HTML and h5?

Soy sauce: look at doctype.

Media: Talking about the understanding of HTML semantics

Soy sauce: 1. For the bare-Ben more Beautiful

2. Better user Experience 3. Good for SEO 4. Convenient for other equipment resolution 5. Facilitate team development and maintenance.

Cond..................................................... will be published in the HTML and CSS interview topic which comes 3

HTML and CSS interview topics which comes 2

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