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Abbreviation for HTML (Hyper textmark-up Language Hypertext Markup Language), tag: a specific symbol used to describe the content of a Web page. HTML is not a programming language, but a descriptive markup language that describes how content is displayed in a Web page, such as the color, size, and size of the control, which can be implemented with HTML tags.

How HTML documents are created:

    • Writing the realm of the hand
    • Graphical HTML development software (e.g., Dreamweaver)
    • Generated by a Dynamic Web page program on the Web server.

HTML elements and tags

The structure and format of a Web page document is defined by an HTML element, which is a contained range defined by a single or a pair of tags. The basic syntax is < tags > content </tags >

there are four forms of HTML elements:

    • Empty element
    • Elements with attributes
      <HR color= "Red" >
    • Elements with content
    • Elements with content and attributes
      <fontcolor= "Red" >html test </font>

The elements of HTML are as follows:




Indicate the start or destination of the hyperlink


Identify abbreviations


Specific information, such as address, signature, author, originator of this document


Place executable content on the page


Defines the shape, coordinates, and associated URL of a hyperlink region in a client-side image map


Specifies that text should be rendered in bold


Specifies that a display URL is used to resolve links and references to external sources, like and style sheets


Set the underlying font value as the default font when rendering text

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Common tags for HTML

    • Font effects



Title Word (max)

Title Word (min)


Bold characters


Bold words (emphasis)


Italic Word


Italic Word (accent)


Italic word (for definition)


Bottom line

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