HTML hard-to-remember tags

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<!doctype Html> declares the document type. Solve the problem of strange mode in IE browser;

<meta http-aquiv= ' Cache-contrl ' content= ' no-siteapp '/> ban Baidu transcoding

<meta http-aquiv= ' X-ua-cmpatibie ' content= ' '/> gives priority to using the latest version of IE and Chrome

Definition list:


<dt> Project Name </dt>

<dd> Project Content </dd>

<dd> Project Content </dd>

<dd> Project Content </dd>


<pre> pre-formatted text </pre>


<strong> text bold Display </strong>

<em> Text italic display </em>

<b> text bold Display </b>

<i> text skew display </i >

<span> text emphasis, by adding styles for implementation </span>

Special symbols:

  &nbsp; spaces & #151; long dash &copy; copyright symbol &reg; registered symbol &amp; & Symbols


  The distance between the property cells is cellspacing;  The padding cellpadding inside the cell;  colspan merge columns; rowspan Merge Rows

adding video [HTML5] 

1.<video src= ' video address ' height= ' video height ' width= ' video width ' autoplay auto play controls control scroll bar muted mute loop play ></video>

2.<video height= ' width= ' controls AutoPlay loop>

<source src= ' type= ' Video/mp4 '/>


adding audio [HTML5]

1.<audio src= ' Loop autoplay muted mute controls></audio>

2.<audio Loop muted autoplay controls>

<source src= ' type= ' audio/wav '/>


HTML hard-to-remember tags

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