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HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language hypertext Markup Language,

1. What is HTML?
* Hyper Text Markup Language (Hyper Text Markup Language)
* Hyper Text: a hyperlink that integrates resources in different spaces to form a logical mesh.
* Markup Language tag Language. The Language consists of tags.
* HTML document = webpage
* Parse HTML in a browser
2. Create an HTML document.
* Suffix:. html. htm can all be used;
* It is used as the root element of the document. The document consists of two parts: header and body.
* The information in the body is displayed in the browser body.
* The information in head is not displayed in the body.
3. Tag Problems
* A Word enclosed in angle brackets. html tags cannot start with numbers (applicable to all label languages ).
* Tags are usually displayed in pairs, namely, the start tag and the end tag (recommended). XHTML.
* Self-closing labels.

* Html is case-insensitive. It is a tag. We recommend that you use lower case letters.
4. What are the tag attributes?
* Attribute writing position. It should be written in the start tag, not in the end tag.
* Attributes generally appear in the form of key-value pairs.
* Attribute values must be enclosed in double quotation marks or single quotation marks. They can be nested.

The html language does not recognize line breaks and spaces in text.

Basic tags:
Line breaks and n spaces are recognized as blank characters in html. <br>: line feed label. <font>: text label size 1 ~ 7 from small to large color 1 Word 2 # FF0000 3rgb (255, 0, 0) face font 
Image Tag
Img tags: image tags used to express images on webpages. src: Image Location alt: Image Description usemap: Use the image hotspot map label: defines the hotspot (map) area label: defines the Hotspot information shape: shape circular rectangular polygon coords: location Information href: what to do after clicking
Dl: defines A list dt: defines the title dd of the list. Each ol: order list defines an ordered list type: determines the sequence number type a A a I I 1 start: count from the beginning: li: list item list each ul: unorder list defines unordered list type: disc (origin) square circle
A hyperlink label
Href: http: // if you want to connect to a site outside the site, use mailto: thunder Protocol: thunder: F1213ABC target: target 1. _ blank: open our link on the new page. baidu search results: All google search results are displayed on the new page. Both are opened on the original page. 2. _ parent: Open the link _ self _ top 3 on the original page. framename: the application of the tag anchor. define the anchor position <a name = "_ xxx"> </a> 2. connect to the anchor <a href = "# _ xxx"> </a>
Table: table
Border: The border cellpadding of the table: the padding cellspacing of the table: the margin width of the Table: Specify the width of the table in pixels and the percentage of the way height: the height of the table tr: table row td: table data cell th: table head header rowspan: specifies the number of rows in which cells occupy colspan: specifies the number of columns in which cells occupy
Framework Tag:
Frameset: Define framework set rows: divide the page by rows cols: divide the page by Columns frame: src: specify the content displayed on the Framework page noresize: cannot change the size of the Framework scrolling: whether to display the scroll bar frameborder: the frame's Border width can be nested to achieve some effect.
Label in head:
<! -- Determine the Content Type and character encoding of the page --> <meta http-equiv = "content-Type" Content = "text/html; charset = UTF-8"> <! -- Refresh page 3 seconds later --> <meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "3; url ="/> 1. metadata meta2. introduce class css3. code class css js
Form label:
Action: Where to submit the form method: get/post the form by default. get: displays the submitted key-value pairs on the url. 1. insecure 2. the url length is limited. post: Key-value pairs are not displayed on the url. 1. security 2. theoretically, there is no limit. input tag type: * text box * password box * radio single answer * submit button * reset all content in the form * checkbox multiple select box * file Upload file * hidden field, not visible to the user, however, submission is effective. name: What form items use as keys submit value: What form items use as values submit checked: If type is single-choice or multiple-choice, add this attribute to indicate that readonly is selected by default: make the option read-only. it cannot be changed but can be submitted. disabled: Make an option invalid and cannot be changed. and cannot submit. select label: drop-down menu size attribute: determines the number of display items in the drop-down list multiple attribute: You can select multiple. option label: select each item in the menu. By default, the selected textarea label is used to hold large text. name: attribute. If you want to predefine the submitted key. then, it is directly written to the label body.

Note: form should wrap all the content to be submitted;

Other labels:

Pre: output the content as is. The value is in the format.
Fieldset: modifier content. Usually modifier form

Direction (Direction) attributes: left, right, down, up
Behavior attributes: scroll, alternate, slide

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