HTML Markup Language 3

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Tags set background

Use of a hyperlink

1.1 Basic syntax

<a href= "" target= "Open With" name= "page anchor name > link text or picture" </a>

1.2 Properties

1.2.1 href attribute

The address of the link, which can be a Web page or a video, picture, music, etc.

1.2.2 Target Property effect

Define how hyperlinks are opened Property value

Blank opens a link in a new window

_seif (default) Opens a link in the current window

_parent open page in parent window (more in frame)

_top opening files in the top-level window (more used in frames)

1.2.3 Name Property

Specify the anchor name for the page

The basic structure of the two tables

1.1 <table> Tags

1.1.1 Basic Format

<table Property 1 = "Property value 1" Property 2 = "Property value 2" ......> table contents </table>

1.1.2 Properties of the table tag Width Property

represents the width of the table, which can be either a pixel (px) or a percentage of the parent element (%) Height Property

represents the height of the table, the value of which can be either pixels (px) or the percentage of the parent element (%) Border Properties

Indicates the width of the table's extra border Align Properties

where the table appears

Left-hand Display

Center Center Display

Right is displayed

Default value Left cellspacing Properties

spacing between cells, default is 2px, per pixel cellpadding Properties

cell content and cell border display distance, in pixels Frame Property effect

controls the outermost four wireframe of the table border Property value

void (the default value) means no border

Above means only the top has a border

Below means only the bottom has a border

Hsides represents the top and bottom borders only

LHS indicates that there is only a left border

RHS indicates that there is only the right border

Vsides indicates only left and right borders

box contains all 4 borders

Border contains all 4 borders Rules Property effect

controls whether the display and how to display split lines between cells Property value

None (default) indicates no split line

All means including all split lines

Rows indicates that there are only row split lines

Clos indicates that there are only column split lines

Groups indicates that there is only a split line between a row group and a column group

1.2 <caption> Tags

1.2.1 When to use

If the table needs to use a caption, you can use the <caption> tag

1.2.2 How to use it correctly

<caption> the insertion position of the,<table> property after the,<tr> table row

1.2.3 Align Properties

top title on top of table

Bottom title on the lower part of the table

Left title is placed at the top of the table

The right title is placed at the top of the table

1.3 <tr> Tags

defines a row of a table, represented by a pair of <tr>...</tr> tags for each table row, with multiple <td> or <th> tags nested within each row <tr> label

Optional properties

1.3.1 BgColor Properties

Set Background color

Format is bgcolor= "color value"

1.3.2 Align Properties

to set vertical orientation alignment

Format is align= "value"

Value bottom top align Top bottom align Middle center align

1.3.3 valign Properties

Set Horizontal orientation alignment

Format is valign= "value"

Values have left aligned right Align Center Centre align

1.4 <td> and <th>


<td> and <th> are cell markers that must be nested within <tr> tags and are paired

1.4.2 The difference between the two

<th> is the header tag, and text that is usually in the first column or in the first row,<th> is bold,< and td> does not

The common place of 1.4.3

The tag properties of both are the same

1.4.4 Property

bgcolor Setting the cell background

Align to set cell alignment

valign to set cell vertical alignment

Width setting cell widths

Height Set Cell Heights

RowSpan to set the number of rows that the cell occupies

Colspan set the number of columns that the cell occupies

HTML Markup Language 3

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