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Tags add define definition header insert set background split window

<! ---> annotation

<!> Horse Lamp

<marquee>...</marquee> Normal scrolling
<marquee behavior=slide>...</marquee> Sliding
<marquee behavior=scroll>...</marquee> Preset Scrolling
<marquee behavior=alternate>...</marquee> scroll back and forth
<marquee direction=down>...</marquee> Scrolling Downward
<marquee direction=up>...</marquee> Scroll up
<marquee direction=right></marquee> Scroll Right
<marquee Direction=left></marquee> Left Scroll
<marquee loop=2>...</marquee> scrolling Times
<marquee width=180>...</marquee> Set width
<marquee height=30>...</marquee> Set Height
<marquee bgcolor=ff0000>...</marquee> Set Background color
<marquee scrollamount=30>...</marquee> Set Scrolling distance
<marquee scrolldelay=300>...</marquee> Set scrolling time

<!> Font effects

<b>...</b> Bold characters
<strong>...</strong> bold Word (emphasis)
<i>...</i> Italic character
<em>...</em> Italic character (emphasis)
<dfn>...</dfn> Italic (expression definition)
<u>...</u> Bottom Line
<ins>...</ins> Bottom Line (indicates inserted text)
<strike>...</strike> Horizontal
<s>...</s> Delete Line
<del>...</del> Strikethrough (indicates deletion)
<kbd>...</kbd> keyboard text
<tt>...</tt> Play Fonts
<xmp>...</xmp> fixed-width font (blank, newline, position effective in file)
<plaintext>...</plaintext> fixed-width font (do not execute marker symbol)
<listing>...</listing> Fixed Width small font
<font color=00ff00>...</font> Font Color
<font size=1>...</font> Minimum Font
<font style =font-size:100 px>...</font> infinitely larger

<!> area break Mark

<HR size=9> Horizontal line (set size)
<HR width=80%> horizontal line (set width)
<HR color=ff0000> horizontal line (set color)
<br> (line Wrap)
<nobr>...</nobr> Water (no Line change)
<p>...</p> Waters (paragraph)
<center>...</center> Placement

<!> link Format

<base href= address > (preset link path)
<a href= address ></a> External links
<a href= Address target=_blank></a> external link (open new window)
<a href= Address target=_top></a> External link (full window link)
<a href= address target= page box name ></a> external link (links to the specified page box)

<!> map/Music

Set picture width
Set Picture height
set picture hint text
Set picture border
<bgsound src=mid music file address > background music settings

<!> Table Syntax

<table aling=left>...</table> table position, left
<table aling=center>...</table> table position, placed in
<table background= picture path >...</table> background picture url= is the path URL
<table border= Border size >...</table> Set table border size (using numbers)
<table bgcolor= color code >...</table> Setting the background color of the table
<table borderclor= color code >...</table> Set the color of a table border
<table borderclordark= color code >...</table> Set the color of the table's dark border
<table borderclorlight= color code >...</table> Set the color of the table's bright border
<table cellpadding= Parameters >...</table> Specify the spacing between content and gridlines (using numbers)
<table cellspacing= Parameters >...</table> Specify the distance between gridlines and gridlines (use numbers)
<table cols= Parameters >...</table> Number of columns in the specified table
<table frame= Parameters >...</table> setting table extra Box line display mode
<table width= Width >...</table> Specify the width of the table (using numbers)
<table height= Height >...</table> Specify the height size of the table (using numbers)
&LT;TD colspan= Parameters >...</td> Specify the number of columns (using numbers) for the cell merge bar
&LT;TD rowspan= Parameters >...</td> Specify the number of columns (using numbers) for the merged columns of a cell

<!> Split Window

<frameset cols= "20%,*" > Left-Right frame segmentation, the size of the left frame is 20%. The browser will automatically adjust
<frameset rows= "20%,*" > Upper and Lower partitions, the above frame partition size is 20% the size of the frame browser will automatically adjust
<frameset cols= "20%,*" > Split around two frames
<frameset cols= "20%,*,20%" > Split left-right three frames
< split up and down two frames
<frameset rows= "20%,*,20%" > partition on the next three frames
<a HREF target> Specify a split window for hyperlinks
<a href= #锚的名称 > Specify hyperlink for Anchor name
<a href> Specify hyperlinks
<a name= Anchor name > The name of the linked point
<ADDRESS>....</ADDRESS> to display e-mail address
<B> Bold characters
<base target> Specify a split window for hyperlinks
<basefont size> Change the preset font size
<bgsound src> Add background music
<BIG> Display Large Fonts
<BLINK> Flashing Text
<body text LINK vlink> Set text color
<BODY> Show this article
<BR> Line Change
<caption align> Set Table header position
<CAPTION>...</CAPTION> Add a caption to the table
Align to Middle <CENTER>
<CITE>...<CITE> text used in quoting quotations
<CODE>...</CODE> for listing a section of program code
<COMMENT>...</COMMENT> Plus comments
<DD> set the definition list of the project explanation
<DFN>...</DFN> Show "Definition" text
<DIR>...</DIR> List Text Volume label
<DL>...</DL> set the volume label for the definition list
<DT> set up a definition list of items
<EM> emphasize the use of
<font face> Arbitrarily specify the glyphs used
<font size> Set Font size
<form action> the way to set up the user-driven form
<form method> The data transfer mode of the user-driven form
<frame marginheight> set the upper and lower bounds of the window
<frame Marginwidth> Set the left and right edges of the window
<frame name> name for split window
<frame noresize> Lock the size of the split window
<frame scrolling> Set the scroll bar of the split window
<frame src> Add HTML file to window
<frameset cols> split window into left and right child windows
<frameset rows> to split windows into upper and lower child windows
<FRAMESET>...</FRAMESET> Partition window
<H1>~<H6> Set Text Size
<HEAD> logo File Information
<HR> Plus sub-grid lines
Start and end of <HTML> documents
<I> Italic character
Adjust the position of the graphic image
a raise for your graphics image
to join the film
Insert picture and preset graphic size
inserts a picture and presets the left and right edges of the graphic
pre-loading picture function
Set picture boundaries
Insert Picture
Insert a picture and preset the upper and lower bounds of the graphic
<input type NAME value> Add input fields to the form
<ISINDEX> define a form for a query
<KBD>...</KBD> represents the user input text
<li type>...</li> List of items (symbols can be specified)
<MARQUEE> Happy Lantern Effect
<MENU>...</MENU> Column Text Volume label
<meta name= "REFRESH" content url> automatically update file contents
<MULTIPLE> a list bar with multiple items selected at the same time
<NOFRAME> define text that does not appear in split windows
<OL>...</OL> list with serial numbers
<OPTION> define items for the list bar in a form
<p align> Set Alignment direction
<P> Sub-section
<PERSON>...</PERSON> Display Names
<PRE> Use the original arrangement
<SAMP>...</SAMP> for reference words
<SELECT>...</SELECT> Define a list column in a form
<SMALL> Display Small Fonts
<STRIKE> Text Plus horizontal line
<STRONG> used to enhance tone
<SUB> subscript Word
<SUP> superscript words
<table border=n> Adjust the width of the table wide line height
<table cellpadding> Adjust the bounds of the data field bit
<table cellspacing> Adjust the width of the table line
<table height> Adjust the height of the table
<table width> Adjust the width of the table
<TABLE>...</TABLE> the volume label that produces the form
&LT;TD align> Adjust the left and right alignment of the table field
&LT;TD bgcolor> Set the background color of the table field
&LT;TD COLSPAN rowspan> A merge of table fields
&LT;TD nowrap> Set table fields do not wrap
&LT;TD valign> Adjust the top and bottom alignment of table fields
&LT;TD width> Adjust table field width
<TD>...</TD> Define the data field bit of the table
<textarea NAME rows cols> How many columns are added to the form in the text entry bar
<textarea wrap> Determines whether the text entry bar is automatically wrapped.
<TH>...</TH> define the Header field for the table
<TITLE> file Title
<TR>...</TR> Definition Table US line
<TT> Typewriter Fonts
<U> text plus bottom line
List of <ul type>...</ul> unordered numbers (symbols can be specified)
<VAR>...</VAR> for displaying variables

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