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HTML Tag summary, html Tag

I. Basic Concepts

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a Markup Language used to describe Web documents. XHTML is a new version of HTML that follows stricter XML rules, this new XML-compatible version of HTML is called XHTML.

<! DOCTYPE> Declaration must be the first line of the HTML document, located before the

II. General framework



<Title> title of the text </title>


<Body> content to be displayed on the webpage... (You can set parameters using various labels) </body>


Use META tag to provide webpage Information
<META charset = "UTF-8"> set the web page to use UTF-8 Encoding

HTML Tag Syntax:

1. Dual Tag: <start tag> content </end tag>. Example: <font> Xinhuanet </font>, <title>... </title>

2. Single Tag: <tag>. For example,

3. Marked properties: <marked property 1 = parameter property 2 = parameter...> content </marked>. Example: <font size = "5" color = "red"> <B> Xinhua news </B> </font>.


Iii. Tag Classification

1. Document tags (10 ):

2. frame labels (4): <frame>, <frameset>, <iframe>, and <noframes>

3. layout labels (1): <div>

4. table labels (8): <table>, <thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>, <tr>, <td>, and <th> <caption>

5. Form tags (10 ): <from>, <input>, <textarea>, <button>, <select>, <optgroup>, <option>, <label>, <fieldset>, <legend>

6. List tags (6): <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <dl>, <dt>, and <dd>

7. link tags (1): <a>

8. Multimedia tags (3): , <map>, and <area>

9. Article Tag:

11. Special tags (3 tags): <! DOCTYPE >,<! -->, <Hr>

Block element)


Inline element)


Block elements and row elements can be converted using the display style in css (inline, block, inline-block ).

Who can help me summarize HTML tags?

In <body> and </body>, all content, tabs, text, tables, forms, hyperlinks, and other settings are placed on the page. The <body> tag has its own attributes. You can set the attributes in the <body> tag to control the display mode of the entire page.
<Body> label property description link settings page default connection color alink set connection color when the mouse is clicked vlink set connection text color after access background set page background image bgcolor set the page background color leftmargin set the top margin bgproperties on the left side of the page from topmargin set the page background image to be fixed, scroll text without Page scrolling to set the color format of the page text:
<Body text = "#000000" link = "#000000" alink = "#000000" vlink = "#000000" background = "gifnam.gif" bgcolor = "#000000" leftmargin = 3 topmargin = 2 bgproperties = "fixed"> the following is an <BODY> tag attribute instance:

<Body bgcolor = "# FFFFE7" text = "# ff0000" link = "# 3300FF" alink = "# FF00FF" vlink = "# 9900FF">
Instance description:
In this example, the <body> attribute sets the background color and text color of the page. The link color is # 3300ff, And the clicked connection color is # ff00ff, the color after clicking is # 9900ff.
The link label in the Body is the link label in the page. For the attribute, you can set it based on the page effect. We will also introduce the above attributes in the subsequent sections, and will not reference them one by one here. Our learning goal is to master the usage of tags and attributes.
Summary of who has HTML web page tags my mailbox is 861299176 @ qqcom I would like to sum up, forget a lot

<! --... --> Define comments. STF
<! DOCTYPE> define the document type. STF
<A> define the anchor. STF
<Abbr> define the abbreviation. STF
<Acronym> defines the abbreviation of the first letter. STF
<Address> define the contact information of the Document Author or owner. STF
<Applet> not supported. Defines the embedded applet. TF
<Area> define the region in which the image maps. STF
<B> define bold characters. STF
<Base> define the default addresses or default targets of all links on the page. STF
<Basefont> I do not agree to use it. Defines the default font, color, or size of text on the page. TF
<Bdo> define the text direction. STF
<Big> define large text. STF
<Blockquote> define a long reference. STF
<Body> define the subject of the document. STF
<Br> define simple lines. STF
<Button> push button ). STF
<Caption> define the table title. STF
<Center> we do not agree to use it. Defines the center text. TF
<Cite> Define reference (citation ). STF
<Code> define the computer code text. STF
<Col> defines the attribute values of one or more columns in a table. STF
<Colgroup> defines the column groups in the table for formatting. STF
<Dd> define the description of an item in the definition list. STF
<Del> defines the deleted text. STF
<Dir> I do not agree to use it. Define the directory list. TF
<Div> define the section in the document. STF
<Dfn> define a project. STF
<Dl> define a list of definitions. STF
<Dt> define a project in the definition list. STF
<Em> the definition emphasizes the text. STF
<Fieldset> defines the border around the elements in the form. STF
<Font> I do not agree to use it. Defines the font, size, and color of the text. TF
<Form> define the HTML form for user input. STF
<Frame> defines the window or frame of the frame set. F
<Frameset> define a framework set. F
<H1> to <Head> define document information. STF
<Hr> define a horizontal line. STF
<Html> define an HTML document. STF
<I> define italics. STF
<Iframe> defines the inline framework. TF
define the image. STF
<Input> define the input control. STF
<Ins> defines the inserted text. STF
<Isindex> not supported. Define searchable indexes related to documents. TF
<Kbd> define the keyboard text. STF
<Label> defines the annotation of the input element. STF
<Legend> defines the title of the fieldset element. STF
<Li> define the items in the list. STF
<Link> define the relationship between documents and external resources. STF
<...... Remaining full text>

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