HTML tags shorthand and full name Daquan

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English full name and simple description of common HTML tags
HTML tags English full Name Chinese explanation
A Anchor Anchor
Abbr Abbreviation Abbreviated words
Acronym Acronym Acronym for the first letter
Address Address Address
Alt Alter Replace (usually the picture does not show the hint)
B Bold Bold (text)
bdo Direction of Text Display Text Display Direction
Big Big Getting bigger (text)
Blockquote Block Quotation Chunk citation
Br Break Line break
Cell Cell Nest
cellpadding cellpadding Nesting filler
CellSpacing CellSpacing Nest Space
Center Centered Center (text)
Cite Citation Reference
Code Code Source code (text)
Dd Definition Description Definition description
Del Deleted Delete (the text)
Dfn Defines a Definition term Definition Definition Entry
Div Division Separated
Dl Definition List Definition List
Dt Definition term Defining terminology
Em emphasized Aggravating (text)
Font Font Font
H1~h6 Header 1 To Header 6 Heading 1 to Heading 6
hr Horizontal Rule Horizontal ruler
Href Hypertext reference Hypertext references
I Italic Italic (text)
Iframe Inline Frame Define an inline frame
Ins Inserted Insert (the text)
Kbd Keyboard Keyboard (text)
Li List Item List items
nl Navigation lists Navigation List
Ol Ordered List Sort List
Optgroup Option Group Defining an option group
P Paragraph Paragraph
Pre preformatted Pre-defined format (text)
Q Quotation Quoting language
Rel Reload Load
S/strike Strikethrough Delete Line
Samp Sample Example (text
Small Small Become smaller (text)
Span Span Range
Src Source Source file Links
Strong Strong Aggravating (text)
Sub subscripted Subscript (text)
Sup Superscripted Superscript (text)
Td Table Data Cell A cell in a table
Th Table Header Cell Table headers in a table
Tr Table row A row in a table
Tt Teletype Printer (text)
U Underlined Underline (text)
Ul Unordered List Do not sort the list
Var Variable Variable (text)

HTML tags shorthand and full name Daquan

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