HTML5 elements and block elements in a row

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Block-level elements:

<caption></caption> Define table headings

Defining entries in the <dd></dd> definition list

<div></div> defining partitions or sections in a document

<dl></dl> definition List

<dt></dt> defining items in a list

<fieldset></fieldset> Defining a Frameset

<form></form> Create an HTML form

<legend></legend> Elements for

<fieldset></fieldset> element definition Title

<li></li> Label Definition list items

<noframes></noframes> display text for browsers that do not support frames, inside the frameset element

<noscript></noscript> Define alternative content when the script is not executed

<ol></ol> defining an ordered list

<ul></ul> Defining unordered Lists

<p></p> Label definition Paragraphs

<pre></pre> define pre-formatted text

<table></table> Tag Definition HTML table
<td><td>/standard cells in a table

<th></th> Define table header cells

<tr></tr> define rows in a table

In-line elements

<a></a> tags can define anchors

<abbr></abbr> represents an abbreviated form

<b></b> Font Bold

<big></big> Large Font Bold

<br/> line break

<em></em> defined as the content of emphasis

<i></i> Italic text effects

embed an image into a Web page

<input> input Box

<q></q> define short references

<small></small> Render Small font effects

<span></span> inline elements in a combined document

<strong></strong> a stronger emphasis on the content of the tone

<sub></sub> Define Subscript Text

<sup></sup> Defining superscript text

HTML5 elements and block elements in a row

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