HTML5 geographical location, Baidu Map API, knowledge points familiar

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infer compatibility issues with browsers:ie9+ supports geolocation and the FF Chrome version supports geo-targeting
if (navigator.geolocation) {
Alert (' Support geo-location ');
} else {
Alert (' geo-location not supported ');

get the latitude and longitude of your position
var X=document.getelementbyid ("Wrap");
function GetLocation () {
if (navigator.geolocation) {
} else {
Alert (' Don't support geo-targeting--HTML5 free! ‘);
} getLocation ();

function Showposition (position) {
x.innerhtml = "Latitude:" +Position.coords.latitude+ "<br/> Longitude:" +Position.coords.longitude;


Handling Errors and rejections
getcurrentposition (number 1, number of 2); The second parameter of the method is used to handle an error. It specifies the function that executes when the user location fails to get

Error code:

    • Permission denied-user does not agree geo-location
    • Position unavailable-Unable to get current position
    • Timeout-operation timed out

/ * Display positioning error * /
function ShowError (Error) {
SwitchError.code) {
Caseerror. Position_unavailable:
X.innerhtml= "Cannot get the current location!

"; Break
Case error. Permission_denied:
X.innerhtml= "Users disagree with Geo-targeting!

"; Break
Case error. TIMEOUT:
X.innerhtml= "Operation timed out! "; Break
Case error. Unknown_error:
X.innerhtml= "Unknown Error! " ; Break

watchPosition 用法跟getCurrenPosition方法类似 。watchposition returns the user's current location, assuming that the user moves back to the real-time location, just like a GPS. 

①navigator.geolocation. watchposition (showposition);
Clearwatch ()-Stop Watchposition () method

? Baidu Map API Assistant
/* latitude and longitude displayed on the map */

function Showonmap (position) { var latlon=position.coords.latitude+ "," +position.coords.longitude;< /c4> var img_url= "Http://

center= " +latlon+" &zoom=14&size=400x300&sensor=false "; document.getElementById ("Mapholder"). Innerhtml= " ';       }

Demo Demo: Display latitude and longitude call Baidu Map API display map Information

HTML5 geographical location, Baidu Map API, knowledge points familiar

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