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The story is a little long like to engage HTML5 patient shoes can see

Students who have done or have been exposed to HTML5 technology may be aware of the appearance of HTML5 for 2 years. Many technology companies are like HTML5 technology transformation or want to use HTML5 some technical features to solve some of the features of production such as Web Storage canvas drag and drop DRA G Some of the new CSS3 elements audio/video and so on some things are kinda fun

Next I'd like to talk about our story because we're going to make video the main push is the video playback of course the company leaders value the HTML5 of videos because everyone knows that Flash is a plug-in and there are some problems that cause the browser to not respond to the crash some issues for cross-platform has also been limited seemingly     Flash is not supported on iOS so we used some browsers to support HTML5 for some unsupported browsers we recommend users to upgrade their browsers on HTML5 's official website Some of the standard support browser requirements such as IE + Firefox 3.6+ and so on After this period of research I found that the most satisfying to me is the Google browser to HTML5 video support is the best
But the problem came up and then looked down to see if everyone had the same problem I hope you can come out with the children's shoes I'm looking into the HTML5 of my eggs.

The problem arises: attention, everyone.

IE 10 or IE11 use the official website of the Canplaytype API test is support but not play video there will be a direct no screen even the player does not come out some will appear a red X prompt this video format is invalid and so on I met this egg pain Two types of questions

Both local and server access     server Access We also configure the   MIME type on the application server including iis  video/mp4  Apache Needless to say no need to configure the

The next study is not whether   browser support HTML5 video problem, but then continue to study whether to support the code inside   because the various browsers for video encoding support different   IE support   h264  Firefox support Ogg recently found that the latest version of Firefox 31 support H264 encoding may be   Microsoft and Firefox harmony scene    rare AH   should be Microsoft support Firefox   Firefox cow Big     from this to After the HTML5 video format support for more, but also for HTML5 video support better But my problem is still not resolved   for why my machine   and my leader's book-mounted IE11 can play MP4 (H264) video   My individual colleague's 2 machines cannot play   not play the 2 cases   There are differences    it makes me sick.   Colleague one   is completely unsupported H264 encoding   including his latest version of Firefox also does not support &NB Sp Canplaytype ("Video/mp4")   Return to empty   colleague two     Canplaytype ("Video/mp4")   return probably  "most likely support" You see this API, and I feel sick.   Support support is not supported   but they didn't get it right.     and colleague two of HTML5 WSC official online  http:// page video does not play but   "Try it Yourself" Html5_video_dom This page can play out video   but HTML test document to get local   get application server   including video resources to get local to the server is not good to make   I have a pain in the egg   I was trying to smash his computer, but the company's property I endured  

Forget to say some of the premises to avoid some children's shoes said my problem description is not clear I and my colleague's operating system are WINDOWS SERVER 2008SR IE11 Firefox 30-31 I lead is WIN7 IE11

We've been looking for a lot of information, including MSDN. But the discussion of HTML5 video is too small to let us very helpless my colleague one in order to cooperate with me to reload 2 times IE browser from IE11 to IE10 and IE11 or not support H264 encoding can not play later research to is not this H264 encoding is not related to the browser is provided by the operating system codec tools I cruel to let him re-install the system for the support of my great career results everyone thought of is a tragic story first come to this it is time or to continue in-depth study to find the essence of the problem I'll tell you again. Remember no Zuo no die

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