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What is HTML5?

In the broad sense of the HTML5, it actually refers to a set of technical combinations that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It wants to reduce the number of browsers available for rich Internet applications that require plug-ins (plug-in-based rich Web Application,ria), such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Oracle JavaFX, and provide more standard sets that can effectively enhance network applications. In this way, search engines can easily index Web sites, and we can also search for faster, more accurate information.

HTML5 will bring a unified network, whether laptops, desktops, or smartphones should be easy to browse HTML5 based sites. So when designing a website, developers need to rethink the user experience, web browsing, site structure, and other factors that make this site universal for any hardware device.

The following will describe the difference between HTML5 and common flash, and common problems with IE

HTML5 and Flash This controversy has a long history, Flash was abused by some developers to cause some Web pages loaded slowly, and HTML5 to bring a glimmer of light. iOS device users may benefit more from HTML5 than mobile device users because Apple has been reluctant to support Flash.

It now seems that Flash is a better choice for page games, but depending on your browser, if your game is not very complex, HTML5 is a better choice. What web developers and designers should learn from these arguments is that there are other options for Flash, but there are strong sites for Flash, and there is a need to do some research on their target customers when providing development design for their customers.

HTML5 and IE IE9 often advertise its compatibility with HTML5, and it will indeed be a good browser to support HTML5, because IE9 uses the Windows modern graphics API and the PC's graphics accelerator card to output text and graphics. Microsoft has also claimed that IE9 will support GPU-accelerated HTML5, graphics scrolling, 3D graphics display and other processing to the graphics accelerator card. But it can not be ignored that there are still some fixed users in China who are using IE6 that do not support HTML5. So in the initial stage of the site's production, the target user's positioning should be clear.

  Example Appreciation

Ang Lee's Pi's EPIC journey film created a story, and his site is very representative-the previous focus on the content itself, and it has a strong HTML5 features to interact as the core. The whole station at different resolutions under the CSS is not the same, mobile devices can have the following animation, mobile devices can play video below. In terms of design, 3d flip effects can be boldly conceived; You can use filters, rounded corners, which need to be sliced to achieve, and now just a few lines of CSS. Behind these powerful functions, designers left more room for imagination, but also created a greater degree of interaction difficulty.


A feature of the horizontal version of the rolling site, whether it is video audio-visual combination technology, or his inside display works, are super worth a look!


Vertical rolling and bands effect of the site, more close to the feeling of the game, by the game class Web site designers of all ages. This form is used in a variety of game web design, to attract the audience's attention, and bring cheers.


Game website Flash simulation HTML5 form case

> Dazzle Dance Brand Station: Remember correctly, Hyun Dance should be the first to eat crabs, although they use a flash simulation of the HTML5 of a form, but he is still very clear show the characteristics of the dazzling dance.


The May 2012 theme event of the League of Heroes: It is also a form of flash simulation HTML5, but he is integrated into the music and harmony effect, in the eyes of visual light at the same time, in the hearing is also shocked.


> Underground City and Warriors: has launched a good few simulated HTML5 effect of the characteristics of the cartoon page, inside the design and interactive animation details more exquisite.



These cases at that time, has been very experimental beginning something new spirit, but also at the time of the constraints of the stage:

1. Reserve production time is insufficient, many planners may feel that is rolling down, the production should be minutes, but before the HTML5 technology is not widely mature, the production time may be 3-5 times the flash. This is still the problem today, so make it clear at the beginning of the project that sufficient time should be set aside.

2. The complexity of the animation, the production of HTML5 animation relative to the production of flash more cumbersome, time-consuming longer, and the effect is not as fine as flash, if the page requires complex animation effects, the suggestion or use of flash production, animation to achieve more elegant results.

Yesterday's attempt was for better works today. 2013 from Nba2konline to Monster hunters, and then to today's sword of the official website and Tianya Moon knife son feather brand station, several try new technology site, indicating the more and more mature technology, but also let us next year's site full of expectations. Here, but also hope to open up more and more time & characteristics of the game site.

Nba2konline site:

Monster Hunter: Sorry to be offline ...

Tianya Moon Knife Station site:

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