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<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTML><Head>    <MetaCharSet= "Utf-8" />    <title>HTML5 Thread Interaction Examples</title>    <Scripttype= "Text/javascript"src= "Mainthread.js"> </Script></Head><Body>    <inputtype= "text"ID= "Inputedinteger" />    <inputtype= "button"value= "Click let the main thread send this value to background thread 1"onclick="Html5worker()" /> <PID= "Result"></P> </Body> </HTML>

Mainthread. Js

functionHtml5worker () {//determine if the browser supports    if(typeof(Worker) = = "Undefined") {Console.log ("Sorry your browser does not support worker"); return; }    //Create a Web worker instance    varWorker1 =NewWorker ("Thread1.js"); varIntegerinput = document.getElementById ("Inputedinteger"). Value; varnum = parseint (integerinput, 10); //Cross document messages are transmitted across documents Messaging.     //PostMessage send a message to Thread1Worker1.postmessage (num + "I am the main thread value I will send to Thread1"); //OnMessage Event Listener    //when a web worker passes a message, the code in the event listener is executed. Data from is stored in the Worker1.onmessage =function(event) {//get information from background thread 1 (thread1)        vardata; varWorker2 =NewWorker ("Thread2.js"); Worker2.postmessage (Data+ "I am the main thread value I will send to Thread2"); Worker2.onmessage=function(event) {document.getElementById ("Result"). InnerHTML; }    };}


function (event) {    var result = + "I am the value received by Thread1 I will return";    Console.log ("Thread1");     //    


function (event) {              //  get data from the mainline Cheng    var result = + "I am the value thread2 receive I will return" ;    Console.log ("thread2");     //      postMessage (result);           

Operation Result:

Note that you have to publish to the server to run or otherwise appear:

Uncaught securityerror:failed to construct ' Worker ': Script at ' xxxxthread1.js ' cannot is accessed from Origin ' null '.


1: Create worker instance and pass the corresponding JS file

2: Send Message postMessage ()

3: Listening Message onmessage

4: Stop Terminate () method

5:onerror Error exception

You can also listen to messages in the following ways.

        // Google or IE Register events        if (typeof Window.addeventlistener! = ' undefined ') {            Window.addeventlistener (false  );         Else if (typeof window.attachevent! = ' undefined ') {            window.attachevent (' onmessage ', Messagechange);        }

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