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HTTP 400-Invalid request

HTTP 401.1-Not authorized: Login failed

HTTP 401.2-Not authorized: Server configuration issues cause logon failure

HTTP 401.3-acl prohibit access to resources

HTTP 401.4-Not authorized: Authorization denied by filter

HTTP 401.5-Not authorized: ISAPI or CGI authorization failed

HTTP 403-No access

HTTP 403-access to Internet Services Manager (HTML) is limited to Localhost

HTTP 403.1 Prohibit access: Prohibit executable access

HTTP 403.2-No access: no Read access

HTTP 403.3-No access: no Write access

HTTP 403.4-No access: SSL required

HTTP 403.5-No access: SSL 128 required

HTTP 403.6-No access: IP address denied

HTTP 403.7-No access: Require a client certificate

HTTP 403.8-No access: Prohibit site access

HTTP 403.9-No access: too many connected users

HTTP 403.10-No access: Invalid configuration

HTTP 403.11-No access: Password change

HTTP 403.12-No access: Mapper denied access

HTTP 403.13-No access: Client certificate has been revoked

HTTP 403.15-No access: Too many Client access licenses

HTTP 403.16-No access: Client certificate not trusted or invalid

HTTP 403.17-No access: The client certificate has expired or is not yet in effect

HTTP 404.1-Web site cannot be found

HTTP 404-file cannot be found

HTTP 405-Resource is prohibited

HTTP 406-Unacceptable

HTTP 407-Require proxy authentication

HTTP 410-Never available

HTTP 412-Prerequisite failure

HTTP 414-Request-URI too long

HTTP 500-Internal server error

HTTP 500.100-Internal Server error-ASP error

HTTP 500-11 Server shutdown

HTTP 500-12 Application reboot

HTTP 500-13-The server is too busy

HTTP 500-14-application is not valid

HTTP 500-15-Request Global.asa not allowed

Error 501-Not implemented

HTTP 502-Gateway Error

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