Http_load Testing Web Engine performance

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1: Download Http_load



2: Unzip and compile Http_load

Tar xzvf http_load-12mar2006.tar.gz   #解压http_load压缩包cd http_load-12mar2006                #进入http_load目录mkdir/usr/local/ Mans                  #创建目录make && make install                  #编译并安装


3: Go to the Http_load directory

CD http_load-12mar2006


-p-parallel the number of concurrent user processes. -f-fetches total number of accesses-r-rate           meaning is the frequency of visits per second-s-seconds consecutive access times URL         site connection address or URL file


where "url" is one of the files in the http_load-12mar2006 directory, before use, create a new blank in the http_load-12mar2006 file named URL, the VI command to create a new link.


4: Start Testing

20778 mean bytes/connection# per request connection average data volume (851898÷41)
4.09969 fetches/sec, 85183.3 bytes/sec# The number of response request connections per second is 4.09969, the data transmitted per second is 85183.3btyes/milliseconds
msecs/connect:264.607 mean, 269.482 max, 262.187 min# Average response time per connection: 264.607 MS, max Time: 269.482 MS, minimum time: 262.187 ms
msecs/first-response:1949.27 mean, 5394.21 max, 380.501 min# average return time per connection: 1949.27 MS, max Time: 5394.21 MS, minimum time: 380.501 ms
HTTP response Codes:code--41#http return code: 200, altogether 41 times.

In the test results, the main reference fetches/sec,msecs/connect value, that is, the server can respond to the number of queries per second to measure performance, of course, the simple numerical judgment is not accurate, but also refer to CPU, memory and other consumption of comprehensive consideration.

Http_load Testing Web Engine performance

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