httpd configuration file in the common module of a detailed

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This paper summarizes the common modules of http2.2.

Note: Close SELinux and the iptables

Permanently closed:

Vim/etc/sysconfig/selinux set to disabled

Yum Install httpd-manual installation httpd manual ip/manual can be accessed

Global configuration:

Primary server segment configuration (or virtual host configuration, both of which take effect one);

Global configuration:

Listen// can listen to multiple ports

KeepAlive// whether to keep the connection

#MPM Working mode configuration: Default is prefork

<ifmodule prefork.c>

Startservers 8// number of processes started during server initialization

Minspareservers 5// minimum number of idle processes

Maxspareservers// maximum number of idle processes

Serverlimit// maximum number of processes allowed maxclients to start online

MaxClients// Maximum number of startup processes allowed to respond to clients. Maximum number of concurrent responses

Maxrequestsperchild 4000


Woker working mode:

<ifmodule worker.c>

Startservers 4

MaxClients 300

Minsparethreads 25

Maxsparethreads 75

Threadsperchild 25

Maxrequestsperchild 0//0 means no limit


/usr/sbin/httpd-l to view compiled modules

modifying the working mode must be done by modifying another configuration file :


// Remove " Httpd=/usr/sbin/httpd.worker " generally stop the service first, and then modify this file to ensure stable

Primary server Segment configuration:

1 serverroot/etc/httpd// Center host location

2 documentroot/var/www/html//web resource storage location, followed by Directory access control, as follows:

<directory " /var/www/html " >

Options Indexes.// control how resources are accessed under this directory

AllowOverride None. access Control-related directives can be placed in the . htaccess file, and whether to add directives to them. affects performance when all is true

Allow from all// access control,Deny is forbidden to access


Access control mechanism:

<directory " /path " ></Directory>

<file "" ></File>// access control for a file

<filematch " pattern " ></FileMatch>// access control for files that conform to regular expressions, as The regular expression engine is used, so it reduces efficiency and seldom uses

<location " URL Directory " ></Location>// similar to Directory, but the path is not a file resource path, instead, the URL path

<locationmatch "" ></Location>

Authentication module: Put in <directory "" ></Directory> in

Specific examples:

[Email protected]_2 ~]# Vim/etc/sysconfig/selinux

[Email protected]_2 ~]# mkdir/webtest/admin/

[Email protected]_2 ~]# vim/webtest/admin/index.html

[Email protected]_2 ~]# Curl

can be accessed normally

Modify the configuration file, define permissions for the directory

<directory "/webtest/admin" >

Options None

AllowOverride None

AuthType Basic

AuthName "Admin auth Test"


Require User CentOS


Htpasswd-c-m|-s./.HTPASSWD username

-C: Create file

-M: Specify MD5 encryption Method

-S: Specify the sha encryption Method

Group-based control:

(1) modifying content in Directory

added:authgroupfile " /etc/httpd/conf/.htgroup "

(2) htpasswd command to create a user password

Htpasswd-c-M/htpasswd root// If the file exists, you do not need to write the- c option, otherwise it will overwrite

(3) writing a . Htgroup file in the format grouname:user1 user2

3 Define the main page of the site:

DirectoryIndex index.html Index.html.var

4 defining path aliases

alias/url/ " the actual resource location "

5 Log Module

Errorlog logs/error_log// error log

Customlog Logs/access_log Combined// access log format

6 Status: outputs the current server startup process and process status


SetHandler Server-status

Order Deny,allow

Allow from all// real-world only open localhost

# Allow from.


Enter Http://ip/server-status in the browser

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httpd configuration file in the common module of a detailed

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