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Close friend technology news [] _ is committed to getting the greatest value from the world's ever-changing technological information, providing concise it news, IT industry information, a discussion platform, reporting instant information, heated news, comments, views, and interviews were discussed.


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No stranger, but what does RSS mean?
RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, is a simple way for a site to share content with other sites, also called aggregate content. Network users can read the website content that supports RSS output without opening the website content page by using the RSS-supported news aggregation tools (such as sharpreader newzcrawler and feeddemon rssreader) on the client. It can be seen that the website provides RSS output to help users discover updates to the website content. In the Internet era where high speed, high quality, and high efficiency have become the mainstream voices, RSS has undoubtedly promoted the dissemination of online information and proposed another way to see the world.

So what is it? What is the relationship between XML and RSS?
XML is the abbreviation of extensible markup language. XML is an extensible markup language format that converts website content, such as titles, links, partial texts, or even full texts, using RSS. You can use a normal browser or special reader software to submit a draft to other websites in XML format.

What is a reader? It is a software. When we add a website information address, we can present the content to us without frequently opening the website content.

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