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IXDC Secretary-General Hu Xiao in an interview with KW magazine, said: "Design makes life better, interactive design allows users to complete the task of the process becomes more simple, fast and efficient, promote the user experience." The use of different interactive methods, so that users to operate soft and hard equipment more simple, natural, fun. Here is the interview record.

Q: How do you define an interactive design?

A: Interaction design is the design field that defines and designs the behavior of human and human creations, including the interaction between man and man, man and thing, and object. The interactive design creates a more enjoyable user experience by integrating hardware, software, and even services to design more reasonable processes for the user to complete the required tasks. The interactive design completes an important shift from design to design behavior, from a single product to a service, from functionality to a user experience. The theory and practice of interactive design have yielded fruitful results in communication, Internet and even many other traditional industries. Interactive design is an interdisciplinary and cross-industry interdisciplinary, which is closely related to psychology, art design, humanities, computer science, biology, and behavior.

From the mobile phone to unlock the operation of the screen to see a series of actions and interfaces, the process of sound and physical change is interactive design; a series of key operation and feedback processes that call customer service calls to banks and telecommunications require interactive design; a series of input processes and links, such as money collection, savings and transfer, require interactive design; Meeting a customer, from preparing to meet to negotiate and finally see the link, process needs interactive design, this is interpersonal interaction, a look, a smiley face, a back is very important. Interactive design in our life everywhere, through the use of interactive design methods, for users to create a more enjoyable user experience, so that life becomes better!

Q: What were the big events in 2011 about interactive design?

A: There are three things, the first, in September 2011, ixdc together with Beijing International Design Week, co-organized the 2011 China Interactive Design Experience Day, attended more than 800, mainly from the domestic outstanding enterprises and institutions, in the Chinese market ranked the top 15 Internet enterprises in full attendance, Attract the attention and consultation of all kinds of outstanding enterprises in the country. Second piece, December 2011, ixdc in Guangzhou International Design Week set up the first in China to promote the development of the industry for the purpose of the research institutions non-profit organizations, "Guangdong Province Good and easy Interaction Design Institute", a three-day interactive design exhibition has aroused widespread concern, Guangdong Province, vice Governor Lei Yulan, Guangzhou city mayor, China Industrial Design Association president Zhu Tao, Guangdong Province Industrial Design Association Secretary-General Hu Qizhi in person to the pavilion Exchange and guidance, affirmed the IXDC contribution. The third, 2011 Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Design reform success, the Industrial Design Institute in Dong and Liu Yi Teachers led by the establishment of the 2-year interactive design studio, the United States from the 2011 has interactive design direction of independent teaching platform.

Q: What is your biggest experience in the field of interactive experience in recent years?

A: Very intuitive feeling is the extreme lack of professional talent, higher education and market demand for the serious disconnect. With the great trend of social progress and economic growth, the Internet, E-commerce, mobile terminals, games, software and other industries rapid development and maturity, professional talent demand is increasing exponentially every year, and the university education in this aspect of the training has just begun, most colleges and universities do not have these subdivision of professional and curriculum, teacher strength is weak, There is a situation of short supply.

The current graduates, if the direction of interactive design, more need to rely on self-study and practical training, is basically the adoption of stones strategy. In addition, currently on the job of many interactive designers are not trained, is from other professions or posts turned over, did not accept the complete, the system of interactive design direction curriculum Learning, the urgent need for professional curriculum training, participation in further study. This industry has just started, there are very long, very arduous way to go, in this initial stage, we need to lay a solid foundation, it is possible to go further, create greater value, enhance the user experience.

Q: Design makes life better, so what new content does interactive design have to live with?

A: Interactive design allows users to complete the task of the process become more simple, fast and efficient, and promote the user experience of Ascension. The use of different interactive methods, so that users to operate soft and hard equipment more simple, natural, fun. For example, the application of iphone4s Siri, let the mobile phone operation more simple and natural, free hands, through the voice can do a lot of operations, tasks; For example, the Xbox360 Kinect application, so that the body sense of manipulation into the fact that the living room has become a entertainment, without holding any controller to control the game Watching movies, switching programs, chatting, will not become possible. All of these benefit from the progress and development of technology and interaction, interactive design.

Q: Who is the interactive design guru in your heart? How did he influence your design?

Answer: Bill Mogrich and Steve Jobs. Their two-bit gives me an insight into the different approaches to interaction design and how it works. A variety of design methods, such as user-centered design (UCD), activities-centric design (centered), System design (Systems), Genius Design (Genius), Different projects or environments will adopt different methods, of course, the same project using different methods, the results are not the same.

With a careful reading of jobs ' life, you'll find a lot of shiny places: The ultimate pursuit of design and technology, the spirit of "pirates", the idea of challenging the impossible, it is worth each of us to learn.

Q: Do you think that interactive design needs to be better developed what should we do? Predict some of the next year's interactive design trends.

A: First of all, we must understand what the interaction design can solve, in the actual work and process, it is in what kind of important position. We correctly recognize the business value and social value created by interactive design, affirm it and strongly support it, and create a more enjoyable user experience through interactive design.

2012 Interactive design talent demand will grow rapidly, the industry began to emerge some of the interactive design courses training units, the industry began to mature. Colleges and universities will gradually increase the direction of interactive design courses, interactive design of the theoretical system is increasingly perfect. At the same time, 2012 China Interactive design Experience Day will set off a small climax of the industry, China Interactive Design Network will continue to be the latest industry dynamics, professional information, video tutorials, etc. presented to you.

Q: Through your design of the interactive design products to us about an interactive design products need to have what kind of conditions, design needs to go through what steps?

A: The birth of a product, interactive design is only one of the most important link. The general steps of interactive design include user research, conceptual design, creating user model, flowchart, developing prototype, launching user testing, implementing scheme, system testing, and so on.

Q: Can you get a few pieces of equipment that are essential for interactive design in your life?

A: The interaction is better equipped with the iphone, ipad, Macbookair, Xbox360, Kinect and so on.

Article Source: China Interactive Design Network

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