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If your blog is sticky, the frequency of updates is a vital condition, readers like your blog, depending on how you write the quality of the article, it seems to update the frequency of the blog is not too much relationship, but if your blog only updated three months, unless he owes you money, otherwise no one will come to see.

Fixed time Update blog to improve user loyalty

For example, my blog is updated almost 2-3 days, although my blog is not very popular. But a lot of friends who like to read my article almost all get my update frequency, almost every post published on the day after the comments will reach and the previous post comments basic match. It can be imagined that the timing of the update will give you the blog to bring users a regular visit, but also to make Baidu optimization to achieve a good collection effect.

Find the right time to update yourself

Take Hu Yibo, I am a full-time Soho, in fact, every day is my own arrangement, due to busy other things often last left behind the time is very little, so I will leave this little time to relax myself. But every week I will be two days to analyze the data and do nothing. So the two days a week can say that time is more than words, I will take these two days to update their blog. In fact, you can also follow your own work, study and life habits to find the appropriate time to update their blog.

The following update times are not recommended

Update every minute, your blog is not Weibo; update once a week, weekly content quality requirements are very high; update once a month, try to avoid this update frequency, as if related to the body; three month update, unless the blogger owes you money, otherwise no one to look at; update once a year, so congratulations, you write is not a blog, It's a live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala.

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