Ecosystem partner elasticsearch 2018: gathering ICT talents to create commercial value

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According to the "cloud computing White Paper (August 2018)" published by China Information and Communications Institute in 2018, the overall market size of cloud computing in China reached 2017 RMB in 69.16 billion, with a growth rate of 34.32%. Among them, the public cloud market reached 26.48 billion yuan, an increase of 55.7% compared with 90.26 billion. It is expected that the market will continue to grow rapidly in-, and the market scale will reach yuan; the private cloud market will reach 2021 yuan by 95.57 billion, and the two are comparable.

The ecosystem partner competition also opened a new competition for cloud and public cloud businesses: This year's  ecosystem partner competition 2018 specially opened the " cloud elite competition ", all tracks related to public cloud are packaged as a separate cloud competition. The " cloud Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Competition" is also added to promote the popularization and promotion of  cloud in the small and medium enterprises market. Through technological innovation, ecosystem development, and sales traction,  is focusing on the public cloud trend.

Not long ago, the ecosystem partner elasticsearch 2018 awards ceremony was held in Beijing with the theme of "do more extraordinary". More than 500 members from the management team of  enterprise business in China, partner executives, and contestants attended the event. In the end, 82 partners won individual awards and 43 partners won the company Competition Awards, professor Gu Furong, Head of Information Management Department of China Eastern Airlines Yunnan Co., Ltd., and Sun xiuying, dean of UNC Communication College of Huai 'an information Vocational and Technical College, were awarded the "ICT talent ecosystem action Ambassador ".

Added the  cloud competition to promote communication among partners

In July 5, 2018, "domore, more extraordinary | ecosystem partner elite competition 2018" sponsored by ecosystem University was officially launched. This competition aims to improve the professional competence of ICT talents, enhance the integration and exchange between and its partners, boost the business development of all ecological parties, and create business values for win-win cooperation. It is reported that this year, a total of more than 5300 ecosystem partner elites competed in 42 competition zones across the country.

This year's new cloud elite competition aims to help sales staff of partners gain a deeper understanding of cloud business and improve their comprehensive knowledge of products, policies, and sales scenarios, effectively develop professional channels for professional sales/service to  cloud. The  cloud elite competition builds a platform for mutual learning and mutual assistance, enhancing professional competence exchanges and common progress among  ecosystem partners.

In 2017, the  ecosystem partner competition was set up for the first time in the cloud competition. In 2018, the new  cloud elite competition attracted cloud partner staff and authorized sales support centers to enhance their professional competence, embrace industry cloudification trends. This year's  cloud competition includes the cloud elasticsearch and the new individual competition to help  cloud partners improve their comprehensive knowledge and capabilities, as a company competition item, we provide a platform for our partners who intend to cooperate with cloud to fully demonstrate the commercial value, technical adequacy, and innovation of cloud solutions. The cloud Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion competition has added the company competition item, competition Promotion cloud;  cloud migration competition, as a company competition, the competition to the  cloud migration practices.

In addition to the cloud elite competition, this year's ecosystem partner elite competition system has also changed: first, this year's ecosystem partner competition was changed from the contestant's "built-in case" to "proposition making", and the "theoretical preaching" was changed to a combination of "Practical simulation and preaching in typical scenarios, let contestants focus on the scenario and draw partners to enhance their practical capabilities through on-site operations.

Migrate to the solution ecosystem, enable each other, and achieve a win-win situation

In 2017, proposed the concept of ecological partners for the first time, and renamed the previous " China Partners Conference" as " China ecosystem Partners Conference ", at the same time, the "Platform + ecosystem" dual-wheel Driving Strategy was officially proposed at the meeting. Partners have been integrated and cooperated in the past, and have become a member of the solution ecosystem, this is an inevitable change with the arrival of comprehensive cloudification and digital transformation.

In the ecosystem partner competition 2018, this major partner transformation trend has been reflected. Many ecosystem partners have been actively involved in the transformation to cloud and solution.

In September 2018, launched the "  A partners" joint solution, which is a new business model sold by multiple "B partners" in the ecosystem. To this end, the  ecosystem partner elasticsearch 2018 joint solution promotion competition re-evolved the competition system, further expanding the scope of ecological integration. In the new competition, the participating teams changed from "solution partners (a Partners)" to "sales partners (B partners)" And solution partners (A partners) the role becomes a judge, and the competition content is a joint solution involving partner.

The new competition of the joint solution promotion competition aims to allow more complementary partners to make friends through the competition, and combine, collaborate, and operate the capabilities of all parties in the ecosystem through  platform, it allows partners to depend on each other and interact with each other to make a big industrial cake and achieve a win-win situation. In another new competition, the prefecture-city sales competition aims at the sales staff of prefecture-city partners to gain a deeper understanding of business and enhance the sales capability of prefecture-city industry insight and scenario-based solutions, improve business capabilities such as industry insight, industry customer communication, opportunity point identification, and project promotion, and hope to build a platform for mutual learning and mutual assistance through competitions to enhance cross-industry and cross-region communication, improve the operational capabilities of partner cities to better serve local customers.

Finally, the  cloud elite competition and the local sales elite competition were added to the partner individual competition, five contestants from 4 partner companies and 20 contestants from 15 companies respectively won two new individual competitions; the cloud Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Competition and the comprehensive solution service competition were added in the partner company competition. A total of 14 partner companies won the award in the competition for the two new companies.

Gather ICT talents to promote industrial integration

The ecosystem partner competition originated from the competition of partners in 2013, hopes that such competitions will cultivate and discover more talents, find new partners, discover new business opportunities, and create business value for China's ICT industry, explore the digital transformation path of Chinese enterprises with all ecological parties.

Sun xiuying: Do not forget the initial intention of the contact, fight 500 day and night to get the hcie Certificate

Professor Sun xiuying, dean of the UNC Communication School of Huai 'an information Vocational and Technical College, was awarded the title of "ICT talent ecosystem action Ambassador" this year. She is a level-3 professor, researcher-level senior engineer, and a major leader in communication, it is also the person in charge of national key Professional Construction in support of communication technology, the person in charge of brand Professional Construction in Jiangsu province, the member of the Ministry of Education's Higher Vocational Communication Education Committee, and the teacher training excellent trainer in Higher Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education, professor Sun won the ambassador's honor not because of his title, but because he stood at the forefront of ICT development and tried to become the first man to eat crabs in the face of the ICT industry's talent cultivation needs.

Sun xiuying said that higher vocational colleges shoulder the task of cultivating high-skilled talents for the development of the ICT industry. As the person in charge of the national key Professional Construction of communication technology, they must review the current situation, track the development of industrial technology, and do a good job in top-level design of professional construction, integration with talent training needs in the ICT industry. Therefore, Sun xiuying tried to become the first person to eat crabs and optimized the traditional communication Professional Course System, embed courses such as route exchange, security, cloud computing, storage, and big data into the Jiangsu brand professional construction solution of communication technology, connect to the ICT certification course system, and cultivate skilled talents in shortage of ICT, it also challenges the breakthrough of hcie ( certified Internet experts and the most advanced ICT technology certification in  certification system) certification.

Sun xiuying first came into contact with hcie certification as  first National College Students' ICT skill competition in 2015. When tutoring students in route exchange technology, he found that the Competition Project needed hcie theoretical support, but the school did not pass the HCIE-R & S certification of students. Sun xiuying is a communication major, but the  ICT competition takes the test of shutong. After the integration of IT and CT technology, the communication technology major needs to cultivate ICT qualified technical talents with Knowledge Fusion and cross-border skills. Therefore, Sun xiuying decided to challenge himself and lead participating students to the training institution, start from the basics. After more than 500 days of preparation, on July 13, 2018 successfully passed the HCIE-R & S Certification Examination and received a certificate and trophy.

Gu Furong: his father and daughter shoulder each other and successfully crossed the "College Entrance Examination" Road

Gu Furong, Director of the Information Management Department of China Eastern Airlines Yunnan Co. Ltd, said that her daughter was in high school and how to accompany her daughter to study, so that she achieved a good college entrance examination results, it was really painstaking, finally, he spent the way he learned with his daughter to accompany her for the college entrance examination. He chose to realize his long dream-to obtain hcie.

He has been engaged in IT technology for almost 20 years. His job is more interested in network management. It took him three years to get hcie certification. Among the general information technology teams of young people, the older students who have already been confused seem somewhat different. The time before the College Entrance Examination made him unforgettable. He had no TV or entertainment at home. One side is her daughter's hard work, and the other side is her own quick tapping on the computer keyboard. When you devote yourself to something, you often forget the time. Sometimes, just for an experiment, it takes a few hours to get through. Often, my daughter came to Him and reminded him: "Dad, it's time to go to bed ". Together, let the father and daughter feel that learning is not so hard, because we are not fighting alone.

Later, he confidently went to  to take the lab test, but failed. He once thought about giving up. With continuous persistence and efforts, we finally passed the hcie certification in March 2017. Three months later, my daughter successfully took the college entrance examination and received an admission notice from Tsinghua University.

The father and daughter fought together and successfully crossed the "College Entrance Examination" Road. In the future, they will move toward a higher goal.

Tao chengmian

Tao chengmian from Guilin University of electronic science and technology is certified by HCNP-RS and hcie-cloud. He just graduated and previously won the cloud computing and big data track championship in the 2018  China College Student ICT competition. In this competition, he went all the way to the finals. When talking about why he chose to learn ICT, especially Cloud technology, he said, " influence has continued to expand over the past few years. Cloud computing is also the trend of today's technology, many government agencies have to migrate data to the cloud." This competition is very helpful for his practical operations in the future. "Because it simulates the real environment, it is close to more than 90% of the real environment ".

Li Yan: the new competition system brings us new gains

Li Yan from Cloud technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is very experienced in this competition. He pointed out that the competition system has different gains for different enterprises or enterprises of different types, in particular, the solution optimization competition in the competition.  proposed a new business model " A partners, sold by B partners. Wang Yan hopes to fully demonstrate the advantages of his solution by participating in such a competition, build the solution on  cloud, and find B who can sell the joint solution. In this way, we can better use channel to sell our products. In addition, he felt that they could complement other participating partners. For example, the tech education team may have a deep accumulation and resources in the education field, our things can be combined with their things, so that we will constantly discover new partners and new business opportunities to create higher business values.

With the completion of the  ecosystem partner elasticsearch 2018, more and more ecosystem partners have recognized technical strength in public cloud and full stack cloud. Together with  they joined 2021 of China's cloud computing market in 180 billion. "The advantages cannot stop the trend", taking advantage of the trend and becoming more and more extraordinary. It and CT are integrated with high-level talents, and the ecosystem partners are moving towards cloud and digital transformation. This is the new course of the ecosystem partner elasticsearch 2018. (Wen/Ning Chuan)

ecosystem partner elasticsearch 2018: gathering ICT talents to create commercial value

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