[Huawei Machine Test exercises]24. Delete repeated nodes in the linked list, reverse output of the remaining nodes

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描写叙述:     题目描写叙述:输入一个不带头节点的单向链表(链表的节点数小于100),删除链表中内容反复的节点(反复的节点所有删除),剩余的节点逆序倒排。要求实现函数: void vChanProcess(strNode * pstrIn,strNode * pstrOut);【输入】 pstrIn:输入一个不带头节点的单向链表【输出】 pstrOut:删除内容反复的节点(反复的节点所有删除)。剩余节点逆序输出(不带头节点,链表第一个节点的内存已经申请)。【注意】仅仅须要完毕该函数功能算法。中间不须要有不论什么IO的输入输出演示样例 输入链表的内容依次为 6,7,8,8,9,10,6则输出链表的内容依次应该是 10,9,7练习阶段:    


/*---------------------------------------* 日期:2015-06-31* SJF0115* 题目:删除链表中的反复节点、剩余节点逆序输出* 来源:华为机试练习题-----------------------------------------*/#include <iostream>#include <map> #include <vector>#include "oj.h"using namespace std;/*功能: 输入一个不带头节点的单向链表(链表的节点数小于100),删除链表中内容反复的节点(反复的节点所有删除),剩余的节点逆序倒排。输入: pstrIn: 输入一个不带头节点的单向链表输出: pstrOut:删除内容反复的节点后,逆序排列的链表(不带头节点,链表第一个节点的内存已经申请)。

Return: Demo sample: The content of the input list is 6,7,8,8,9,10,6, then the contents of the output list should be 10,9,7*/in turn/ * This code is still a bug when the input list is 88888888, pstrout use the reference best * /intIchanprocess (Strnode * Pstrin,strnode * pstrout) {if(Pstrin = = NULL | | pstrout = = NULL) {return-1; }//if map<int,int>Map; strnode* p = pstrin;//statistics repeated out times while(p) {if(Map.count (p->data) = =0) {Map.insert ( map<int,int>:: Value_type (P->data,1)); }//if Else{Map[p->data] = map[p->data]+1; }//elsep = p->pstrnext; }//while //For recurring reverse output to Pstroutp = Pstrin; vector<int>Vec while(p) {if(Map[p->data] = =1) {Vec.push_back (p->data); }//ifp = p->pstrnext; }//while intSize = Vec.size ();if(Size = =0){return 0; }//if for(inti =0; I < size-1; ++i) {strnode* node =NewStrnode (); Node->data = Vec[i]; Node->pstrnext = pstrout->pstrnext; Pstrout->pstrnext = node; }//forPstrout->data = vec[size-1];/*printf ("\ n"); strnode* P1 = pstrout; while (p1) {printf ("*%d*\n", p1->data); P1 = p1->pstrnext; }//while*/ return 0;}/ * Release linked list * /voidVfreechan (Strnode * pstrchan) {strnode* p = Pstrchan; while(p) {strnode* node = p; p = p->pstrnext; Free(node); }//while return;}

[Huawei Machine Test exercises]24. Delete repeated nodes in the linked list, reverse output of the remaining nodes

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