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Perhaps some users know, Huawei mobile phone official microblogging issued Huawei Mate9 can when the text of the bus card, Huawei users excited, Huawei Mate9 how to be a bus card? What is the relevant operation? Take a look at Huawei Mate9 when the bus card set Tutorial!

Huawei Mate9 when bus card setup Tutorial:

Huawei Mobile phone official microblogging issued a popular science, Mate 9 can not only act as a bus card, but also in the phone to recharge bus cards.

It is understood that the pay, the first to support the Shanghai traffic card, the user can be in the "Huawei Wallet" in the landing Huawei account, click Swipe, NFC will automatically open and automatically set the corresponding security chip. Then click Add Bus Card, select the corresponding open area, follow the steps to complete the recharge can be successfully opened card.

In addition, into the mobile phone settings-more--nfc--open NFC, installation can read the application of bus cards, such as micro-letter, wing payment, etc., the bus card placed in the back of the mobile phone NFC sensing area, in the pop-up identified applications to select the corresponding application, the different city bus card corresponding application will be , such as Wuhan Bus card can choose micro-credit recharge, according to provide step-by-step operation can be.

The above is the small series brought by Huawei Mate9 when the bus card set tutorial resolution, want to know more about the content, it will continue to lock small edit here, small series of time to bring the latest news Oh!

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