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Hubbledotnet is an open-source project. The open-source project features rapid response, fast feature launch, and frequent version upgrades. This article describes how to upgrade a version.

Before starting this article, let's take a look at the components contained in hubbledotnet.

Kit overview hubbleservice.exe

ThisProgramIt is a Windows Service Process of, which is usually only responsible for starting hubbletask when the service is started, and disabling hubbletask when the service is closed.


This program is the host process of If you do not run hubbleservice, you can directly run this program or After the program is started, it will listen on the TCP port, accept the query request from sqlclient, execute and return the result to sqlclient.

Hubble. Core. dll

This is the core of All search and index algorithms are provided by this library.

Hubble. Framework. dll

This is the platform library of and provides some common classes and methods.

Hubble. analyzer. dll

This library defines the interface of the tokenizer and provides several default tokenizers.

Hubble. sqlclient. dll

This database is the SQL access client of Its function is similar to system. Data. sqlclient. This library can be called by the application software.


This program is a query analyzer provided by It is mainly responsible for providing graphical management and query functions.


Step 1: Compile Code

The code is located in the source code Tab Of The page. Download the latest code, open the Hubble. net. sln solution, and compile it.

The compiling environment is vs 2008.

The above components are generated after compilation.

Note: To ensure execution efficiency, we recommend that you directly compile the release version. If you compile the debug version, the following error will occur:

Error 3 Unsafe code only appears when/unsafe compilation is used

I did this on purpose. I did not select the project's unsafe option for the debug version. If you must compile the debug version, select the unsafe option in the project properties.


Step 2: stop the service

Stop the service in service management.


Step 3: overwrite Components

Use all the compiled components except hubbleservice.exe to overwrite the original components located in the directory of program files/

If the application, such as the web site, calls Hubble. sqlclient. DLL. You must update Hubble in the corresponding directory at the same time. sqlclient. DLL, Hubble. analyzer. DLL, Hubble. framework. DLL


Step 4: start the service

Start the service in service management.


Step 5: Check

Go to queryanalyzer and select "about" from the menu. The current client component and server version number are displayed.



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