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Is that true.

1. First day of Primary School Admission
I told my teacher that I would add and subtract less than 301 of the first Tang poems. The words were clear and clear, and my teacher smiled at me;
Zhang ergo raised a question to the teacher and shook his head. He looked dull and incoherent, and the teacher frowned at him.
2. Grade 2
I took the exam for the first time and finally got three more points on the shoulder after a full score;
Zhang ergo had a win or lose in a fight, and finally suffered three more scars on his face after a big defeat.
3. Grade 3
In the final exam, I once again received one hundred million Chinese and mathematics homework. My father was invited to the parents' meeting to introduce his family education experience;
In the final exam, Zhang ergo once again received a total of 30 Chinese and mathematics homework assignments. His father was invited to the Office by the teacher to listen to his family education experience.
4. Grade 4
Leaders came to inspect our school. I spoke on stage as a young pioneers, and I was called a model student on the podium.
The principal announced that the school was strictly administered. Zhang ergou, as a representative of the attackers, came to the stage to review the situation and was called the ambassador of the standing corner.
5. Fifth Grade
My essay "an unforgettable evening" won an award in a competition. The teacher accompanied me to the provincial capital to receive the award and play for a day.
Zhang ergo climbed the wall in an unforgettable evening and moved into a factory to handle copper scrap. The guard accompanied him to the police station to receive the prize and recuperate for a day.
6. Junior High School
I heard that several class teachers in junior high school are eager to beat me to my class.
I heard that several class teachers in junior high school had a hard time kicking Zhang ergo to another class.
7. First day
At the first day, my dad held a banquet at the hotel to celebrate the award for my high school student Olympics.
At the first day of the year, Zhang ergou's father set up a banquet at the hotel to compensate for the sin. Please do not pursue the blame for Zhang ergou.
8. November
On November 2, I joined the group organization in the school with honor;
In the second day, Zhang ergo joined the school's helper with honor.
9. Third Day
The class flower in the class wrote a love letter to me, and the love letter was not in my hand and was confiscated by the class teacher. The class teacher warned the class flower: do not hinder me from taking the key high school exam;
Zhang ergo handed a paper to the fat girl in the class, and threw the paper into the trash. He also warned Zhang Ergo not to disturb her junior high school diploma.
10. I graduated from junior high school.
I naturally entered the Key High School;
Zhang ergo entered the society to study.
11. Graduation Day
Uncle Li of our junior high school guard pointed to my education Grandson: we must study hard every day like me to become a respected person in the future;
Uncle Li, the junior high school guard, points to Dr. Zhang's dog education grandson. Do not make such a red light as him. In the future, he must be a despised person.
12. High school for three years
I have worked as the chairman of the group secretary Student Union and won one honor and one scholarship after another;
In the three years of society, Zhang ergo worked as a mixed salesman as a contractor, accumulating one network of contacts and accumulating another fund.
13. Black June
On the Black September July, I was admitted to the university of the provincial capital as expected;
Zhang ergo registered a company in the provincial capital as expected in July.
14. Universities and businessmen
In college, I am studying and starting a business,
Zhang ergou is playing in the business sea.
15. Graduation and entrepreneurship
In the year of graduation, I entered the talent market to find a job and had to lower my salary requirements after hitting the wall everywhere.
After four years of start-up, Zhang ergo, a private entrepreneur, entered the talent market to find employees. After gaining popularity, he had to raise his academic qualifications to the master's level and easily attract a group of highly educated high-level talents, feel the glory of the night from the ugly duckling to the White Swan
My broken permanent bicycle traveled all over the province and city, and I went around looking for a rented house;
Zhang ergo's Porsche traveled all over the provincial capital, and the mayor's Mayor traveled around to find plots of land in the construction of the second dog building and industrial park.
I am nervous and want to learn how to start my own business from scratch. I have sold a lot of Dongdong jobs in the small commodity market, and I lost a lot of money in a few weeks: it was so difficult to do business
Zhang ergo is idle and wants to study at the university to increase the connotation of his study. Ask the professor to take an MBA in the school without attending the class seriously. In a few years, he secretly said: reading is so simple
On the Chinese Valentine's Day, I was told that my dinosaur female had no room, no car, no breath, and that I had to part with the wax blowing.
On Qixi Festival, because of the great future of Zhang 'er's dog family, the school flowers in the university sent an eye to him.
At the door of the house, I pleaded with the cheesy tubaozi landlord to slow the house delivery time, only promise to support me, the net to lose face to College Students
On TV, Zhang ergo hosts the beautiful financial channel and talks about corporate culture.
As house prices soar, I suddenly found that a house in the provincial capital could only be a dream. My mom and dad came to the provincial capital to see my rented house.
House prices soared. Zhang ergo presented a set of houses to all kinds of beautiful women. The father and mother of a pretty girl came to the provincial capital to see the duplex landscape room given by the two dogs.
When I went home during the Spring Festival, no one noticed that I had been studying in junior high school. I heard that I was running a celebration and wanted to see it, but I was rejected. Uncle Li pointed to me to educate my grandson: Don't study this person, after reading these books for so many years, I am still helpless.
During the Spring Festival, Zhang ergo went home, and the county magistrate took a trip to participate in the special celebration held by junior high school. Zhang Dong held a huge sponsorship on the celebration. The guard Mr. Li pointed to Zhang Dong's education Grandson: you want to learn from this person on the podium. You are a rich man from scratch, and even your relatives are full of light.
More than a decade ago, the teacher lamented how nice it would be if all the students were like me.
More than a decade later, the teacher lamented how nice it would be to all the students to be like a dog.
This is the sorrow of education. Don't underestimate people with poor scores. One day they will surpass you.

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