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I am a computer's chassis. Well, I don't know what I should call myself. Generally, no one else can see all the parts in this computer, if you need to check what you want, follow our rules and pass me first.

Of course, I am not our computer authority-they just look for someone through me. You can call me the front desk. The shell name is very good, but it is also true. In fact, I am almost the least valuable part of the various parts of this brain. My CPU and I are almost 20-times different. Sometimes I am very strange. It is also an iron. What is the difference between the two?

However, when people outside of us come to visit our computer, I like to hear the officials say:
Look, your computer is really good. In fact, he only saw my beautiful appearance. They didn't know that the parts in our computer were all strange and gray-faced.

In the world I know, there are really many people who think that a computer only uses their impressions of our chassis, rather than asking everyone to know a computer very well: which manufacturer generates the CPU? CPU? How is the memory performance? Is the motherboard architecture good? What ??? The motherboard is from XX manufacturer, so the compatibility is definitely not good. I heard that xx manufacturer ............ Well, don't talk to other parts. Alas!
My usual task is to keep my computer clean and tidy. This is an important part of my work, so I like to occasionally look in the mirror when I go to work to make up for anything. By the way, I don't know why my eyes are strange when I see those books on the table. They are also girls. Why don't they like mirror makeup. They must envy me :(

I can chat with you. To be ashamed, there is only a rag. She does not belong to this computer. She serves the entire table and occasionally goes to other tables for help. When she is idle, she will take the initiative to chat with me. She envy me very much. I can tell that she always listens patiently to me about my computer or my interesting things. When I say I'm tired and let her say it, she is reluctant to talk about anything. To say that, she always repeatedly said, how did she show up and be noble when she had a friend's daughter who was working as a handkerchief in a lady. At this moment, I always think that she is really funny and treat what we can't do as fun. If not, I will become a good friend with her. I don't have good friends. Although I work with hard disk memory on a computer, I am really different from them. I don't know what they're doing in the dark room all day. Occasionally, I want to talk to them. At this time, the memory will say some beautiful things, but it is useless. The hard disk will always smile first, and then I will not say anything. The worst thing is the CPU, when I spoke to him, he not only couldn't figure out what I was doing, but also looked at me and told me not to talk about data lines, even without wires. Then he turned around :(

Well, I don't know what's good about the ghost data lines on them. For example, the sound card. When I first came, I heard that it took a long time for a famous brand manufacturer to cultivate it. The value was very expensive. Experts who specialized in what work should they deal, it took the host two hours to install the driver for him. As a result, at the beginning of work, the whole room made a sound like a ghost, and our master never used him again. But a friend of the host later used him again, saying that the previous job was not good, but the problem was just a horn. I think it's just a step down for the sound card, like me. Don't worry, just install it with just a few screws and never make any mistakes ~~~~~

Speaking of hard disks, he also has a lot of data lines, but he is fine and never despise me for these. He is very kind. If he is not doing anything for a short time, everyone will push it to him. The CPU resources that are doing well are allocated to the memory or others. He is always bullied by sound cards, graphics cards, and everything. I told him why you didn't resist the same data cable as you did. He always laughed. Maybe this is the so-called character, I think.
One day, several of them were in a meeting, and the network card repeatedly said to the CPU: the host now needs the next movie. The CPU is very hard to persuade the hard disk to squeeze out some space, the hard disk has been working for a few months, and there is no rest, the red face may not be able to put it, but the mouse and the keyboard are not sorry for this. When I saw the two of them, they were so angry that you could take a break when the president watched the movie !! I ran in and shouted: Hard Drive brother, if you can't put anything, let me put it here. I'll watch it for you. The entire computer was silent for half a minute, and then the biggest laugh ever made by the computer.

I cried. Not only do they laugh at me, but they don't even give me a word of comfort after the hard drive. The rag secretly shed tears for me for several days, but later, I soon forgave the hard disk and included other parts. I am not a spare part with a memory. I am different from my hard disk. He always carries many things in his heart. The rag says that there are many amazing things, more than all the books on the table. I don't know how many things are in the broken books, but I believe in rags. The rag looks dirty, but she actually knows a lot.
I forgive the hard drive, but I still feel uncomfortable for his melancholy. Later, the rag told me that the reason why I felt uncomfortable was that I had accumulated some static electricity. She wiped it carefully and quickly vented it. But like hard disks, those electricity flows through those wires to his heart, it is difficult to leak out. The rag couldn't tell the names of those lines, and it couldn't tell the purpose. But what she saw was that the stream in those lines was painful. She said that CPU, memory, and these parts are easy to release, and only hard drive parts will bury the pain in their hearts. The rag also said that even if you wipe a part like a hard disk, it may not be able to release it.

I am not a rag, nor can I release the power of the hard disk. I will not talk to the hard disk in the future, but I have been paying close attention to his changes. I think I can never be associated with him, but I still feel uncomfortable seeing his silent face. Sometimes I think how nice it is to have a part that can make him faster :)

One day, a pretty girl came to visit our host and brought her a completely different computer. I only saw her computer so thin and so small, and her appearance looked so beautiful, so slim and so brilliant. I have been shaking my confidence in her appearance. She was surprised to see that she had never seen such a computer. She wanted to serve them, the results were politely stopped by their hostess. I pay special attention to the computer's shell, and there is no wire or data cable on it, but I can see that, she must have been trained from a very famous manufacturer for a long time, so her face is always so proud that she and their computer parts are not as well as me, she can talk and laugh with them easily. This is temperament, I think.

Soon, a thing that makes me more jealous happened. The host connected a wire between their computer and our computer. Suddenly, I was surprised to find that the hard disk was particularly happy. He was very active and talked a lot over the past few days. He even asked the sound card to play songs. Of course, he occasionally asked me: What do you think of their computers. The rag told me that he can understand him only when he meets him. I don't understand. Just like me, she can't understand what is passed in that line. How can she guess that. In the past few days, I tried my best to understand what was flowing in the line. Why did it make the hard disk so excited, but I couldn't see it, just let my static electricity slowly accumulate.

My jealousy started to grow so crazy. I think the hard disk must have taken a fancy to the shell of their computer. I told the rag that the shell of their computer is really cool, thin, and thin, what are the good looks: (, the rag also agrees with me, I went on to say that the hard disk is also very bad, the hard disk is really cheap, it is really ugly for our parts, the rag left me to stop, and then gently wiped me. I only hope this day will end early.

Finally, one day, the hostess of the Computer jumped to pull the wire and immediately jumped up when his hand touched me. I heard her swearing, then he said to the host of our computer, "you have to change your laptop. You are dead! What? She wants him to change us. I quit, and she makes a grimace for him? Nausea :(

But soon afterwards, the Master decided to change the computer, and everyone was about to leave. I watched them do not have to hold meetings all day, but are busy looking for their future. I couldn't say anything in my heart. I have nothing to do, and I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to watch the hard disk quietly and spend the last time with me and him.
The host seems to care about other parts. It is very polite to the hard disk. It seems that he wants to transfer something from him to the new computer. I don't know what more things are in my hard disk than in my book, but I have never seen the hard disk face so red. Is it worse to deprive him of some memories than to impose some work on him? Later, I don't know why I don't want to give it to the hard drive. The host spent an entire night, so many friends of the host could not help me. At dawn, the master was angry and said that he was about to format him. Later, he threatened to smash him and finally decided to send the hard disk to the waste store for recycling.

On the day the hard disk was taken away, I was removed and put in the middle of a pile of sundries. I didn't see him, nor could I send him. When the rag saw his last side, the rag told me that the master still had feelings and asked the rag to wipe the hard disk. The last chance of the hard disk was to say to the rag that he neither hated the master nor any other parts, nor had more regrets. He said that he only hated him for having too many memories, there are too many expectations. He said that he would like to build a bigger chassis than me in his next life, so that he can protect me well outside of me.

Later, after I wiped my rag, I left and never saw them again.


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