I am installing the Apache-2.0.44 process under Redhat Linux 6.2

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I am the first time oh ... Cost me an all-night, failed four times, finally installed successfully found that the original is their own carelessness, Hongo, just loaded Apache to come up to the successful installation of the process written down ... This article is dedicated to the first Super rookie to contact Linux like me, ^_^
When I install redhat6.2, FTP and HTTP and database are not installed, basically just installed XFree86.
Preparatory work:
Run Lynx download apache-2.0.44.tar.gz at the command line
#lynx http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/httpd-2.0.44.tar.gz
Save as/usr/local/src/httpd-2.0.44.tar.gz after downloading, press ' Q ' and answer y exit Lynx
To begin the installation:
#tar ZXVF httpd-2.0.44.tar.gz
(Note:--prefix=/usr/local/servers/apache2 This option is its own set of Apache installation purposes directory)
Wait, wait. , the configuration is over
This make seems to wait for n years ... It's hard.
#make Install
Simple configuration:
#vi httpd.conf
Edit httpd.conf, press the Insert button on the keyboard, turn the page, find #servername xxxxx:80, the ServerName before the # removed, the xxxxx changed to its own machine full name, such as I changed to ServerName pig.home.cn The key is to change group #-1 to group Nobody, if it is omitted, then Apache is not able to start. Finally press the ESC key, input: Wq Enter to save and Exit VI Editor.
Start Apache:
#./apachectl start
To test whether Apache is working, the exciting time has come, command line input:
#lynx http://localhost
Wow, really see the home page Yes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
There will be a blackout during the day ... Java, JSP, and PHP can only be installed in the evening. Sigh
Forget to say, stop Apache is
#./apachectl stop
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