I am so happy ~

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I am so happy ~


It is easy for others to resign.

I quit my job, but it took me one month to finish three months of work.

Recent hard-working overtime

The project has finally been cool.

The exit review is successfully signed.

Give the lead a perfect end to the Project

Finally, the leadership gave me an explanation.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

I am also very grateful to my colleagues in the Group for their help.

I will sort out some finishing work later.

You can go through the resignation procedure after May 1.


After the Group meeting today, leader told everyone that I was about to leave.

I suddenly felt so heavy at that moment.

Always wanting to leave, but when you really want to leave

A little sad

In fact, I have a very happy experience in addition to my work.

The relationship between colleagues is very harmonious.

I also made several very good friends.

It's hard to bear, but there's no banquet in the world

Although separated, everyone has their own dreams.

We also hope that everyone can develop better in the future ~


Bao Jianfeng

Plum Blossom from bitter cold

I have paid for it, and I am willing to do my best ~


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