I am wrong, so I should not go to the interview.

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I am wrong. I should not go to the interview day. I just came back from the interview and won't beat me with a hand shake keyboard. I am interviewing in the morning, saying "XXXX Beijing R & D center", which is probably good, I am also very convenient. it is a commercial residential area. When I first got in, I couldn't find the place where the elevator was. after looking for a while, I found that I was behind a door, so I went in. I was wrong and should not go to the interview.
God, I just came back from the interview and won't even knock on the shaking keyboard.
Mad at me.
In the morning interview, I said XXXX Beijing R & D center. it was a good estimate and it was very convenient for me to find. it was a commercial residential area. after entering the room, I couldn't find the place where the elevator was located. I got it for a while, I found it at the back of a door, so I went in and waited. I saw the following situation: The office is similar to a house, and there are several tables in the living room, there are three people I can see. maybe there are others. I started to answer the questions in the next category. The questions of "php open engineer test" are quite comprehensive, as long as I have passed the test on both web development and css, html, js, php, and linux, I will read it later. I wonder why I didn't take the test on photoshop. after a while, I have answered the question, after a while, I gave them the paper and waited for a few minutes. I was notified that it was not suitable for their work. The reason, css and html code were not standard.
What about the Sky ?????? Forgive me. I'm so angry.

Forgive me ..........................................

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Sympathy ....
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The Lord will forgive you!
No code in photoshop is required on the computer, so no test is required.
Other code should be case sensitive because Linux hosts are case sensitive.
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The list of developers who didn't take your photoshop test is good. Do you really want to go to this company? What's so cool.
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To ,,,
What's so cool?
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