I bought a new mobile phone Nokia e71.

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I have no time to use my mobile phone10In, there were only fifteen or six mobile phones that I had ever had such a hobby and pursuit of electronic products, I can save my half-year salary to buy the most advanced digital camera at that time. Whether it's mobile phones, cameras, the latest MP3, MP4, or the latest cars (it seems this is not an electronic product ......), They are all my goals.


Except for the first part, the third part is Nokia Besides, it will not be used again in the next eight years. Nokia Mobile phone. Nokia The machine is so slow than others: My first mobile phone Nokia 3210 Chinese text messages cannot be edited (of course there were no text messages at that time, and few of them had mobile phones). Wanshangchulaidaqiuma ", This almost became my only language, because other people's mobile phones, whether it is Moto Or Ericsson (The children after 90 certainly do not know the famous brand and the classic T series at that time) can use Chinese text messages. Later (almost a year later) I changed a text message that can be sent in Chinese. Nokia Mobile phone, but at that time people entered T9, And I typed a C to press the ABC key three times. It is often n minutes after a friend sends me a text message "I cannot get out of dinner". When I clean up the mess, I receive a text message like "Where are you, wait for me, later, I changed the brand Samsung, which was the best brand at that time. Various functions were always "at the forefront of the Times". I remember the first time I used the color screen and Samsung T108, similar Nokia Black and white screen, electronic sound, so the heart is somewhat despised.


later in the era of smart machines (with its own operating system, palm , Moto several brands, Nokia maybe it's just for the phrase" Rich, no culture ", but it's always the same as Saipan. Finally, my sixth smart phone ushered in the 3rd edition of the lovely Saipan s60 system, which is also a full-keyboard version.


This purchase is mainland China licensed (How many mobile phones I recently bought are licensed? A little different from my style ......) And the color is very female white (recently the black machine has quickly become an arcade, but the white is relatively less, it is said that the online sales of white is more expensive than the black 100 ), there is nothing to say about the work of the machine. The front and back sides except the keyboard and the screen are both metal and heavy in their hands. There is no film on the screen of the mobile phone, and there is no protective cover. I hate to carry covers, and the highlights of the design level are covered up. Do I still want to use a mobile phone for a month? When using it, you will fully enjoy this design. The light and thin experience will be light and thin, and the metallic texture will have to touch the feeling, feel a silicone sleeve, and feel nothing left.


It is no longer as idle as before. You can study the operating system and crack software on the forum all day. Let's get together and use it.


Put a picture and put it in your hand. It is unclear.





--- By Sonne

2009-6-1 Children's Day @ Shanghai

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