I bought a Newman t hard drive box. Why?

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I bought a Newman t hard drive box. Why?

Because a previous hard disk is left behind after the upgrade, we decided to create a mobile hard disk.
This time I did not study the market too much and did not know the market. I bought a Newman PHS.
The depressing thing begins.

Newman, spent 120
Seagate 40 Gb hard drive

It cannot be used in the XP system (it can be used in the XP system in JS, but after I try it back, I find that the XP system cannot be used ). Some 2000 of systems can recognize
Unknown driver and unidentifiable devices are displayed in the XP system ......
I have tried USB ports and all USB ports on each machine.
The XP system I tried was automatically updated and often connected to the network. The system should be up-to-date.
Both are USB ports.
Other USB devices are normal.

That is, he cannot identify Newman dazhi.

I am unlucky because I am the only one. I went to the Internet to check if I had bought well-known products.
It does not seem like a problem with my operations. I heard that there is a compatibility problem between newbie and WINXP SP2.

However, Newman has not responded yet. It's not responsible.

In fact, I used to like Newman very much. I bought a USB flash drive and MP3 from Newman. It's pretty good.

This is a real upload.

We recommend that you do not buy Newman hard disk boxes in the future, especially this PHS


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