I 'd like to say goodbye to the CD-Rom USB flash drive installation system.

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I would like to say goodbye to the CD-Rom USB flash drive installation system and wish you success right away-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. Here is the details. With the passage of time and the increase of server applications, can we leave the tedious use of CD or USB flash disks to install the system over the network? The answer is yes. Today I will introduce pxe network boot + kicstart to automatically install the system.

Yum install xinetd tftp-server-y
Cd/var/lib/tftpboot copies all files in the isolinux disk to this directory.

Mkdir pxelinux. cfg

Cp isolinux. cfg pxelinux. cfg/default

Vi pxelinux. cfg/default
Default vesamenu. c32
# Prompt 1
Timeout 600
Display boot. msg
Menu background splash.jpg
Menu title Welcome to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0!
Menu color border 0 # ffffffff #00000000
Menu color sel 7 # ffffffff # ff000000
Menu color title 0 # ffffffff #00000000
Menu color tabmsg 0 # ffffffff #00000000
Menu color unsel 0 # ffffffff #00000000
Menu color hotsel 0 # ff000000 # ffffffff
Menu color hotkey 7 # ffffffff # ff000000
Menu color scrollbar 0 # ffffffff #00000000
Label rhel6
Menu label Install rhel6 x86_64 version. wrh
Kernel vmlinuz
Append initrd = initrd. img ksdevice = eth0 load_ramdisk = 1 network ks = http: // cfg
Label rescue
Menu label ^ Rescue installed system
Kernel vmlinuz
Append initrd = initrd. img rescue noipv6

Yum install syslinux-y

Find/-name pxelinux.0


Cd/etc/xinetd. d

Vi tftp Modification
> Disable = no
/Etc/init. d/xinetd restart
Netstat-anptluet | grep xinetd (view)
Yum install dhcp apache-y
Add vi/etc/dhcp/dhcpd. conf
Allow bootp;
Allow booting;
Filename "pxelinux.0 ";
/Etc/init. d/dhcpd restart
Make kickstart and place it in the httpd release directory.
/Etc/init. d/httpd start
Test with a virtual machine
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