I do some impressions of the black box test

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This is the Lunar New Year eight, in fact, was written on February 7, 2014, and now posted to the blog-preface

Last night I was thinking that I had graduated six months ago, all learned what. In the school's internship between three jobs, the third job chose the software test, why choose software testing, because at that time feel that software testing is much easier than software development, now looking back, from last June to the present I have what harvest, feel a blank head.

Software testing, in fact, is to find the software bug, the method is simple is black box test and white box test. The former is to emphasize the function of testing software, confirm whether the software completed the requirements of the function, the latter emphasis on software code testing, I am currently in the black box test. From entering the company, gradually familiar with the company's software, look at the software development needs of the prototype, do not know where to ask Test colleagues and the company's research and development colleagues, and then according to the company's test case prototype, write test case documentation. I think the test case document is the soul of the test, because in the process of writing a document you will think about what the results of each operation, the document if you want to write the details, then the workload of the tester is very huge, take the simplest account login, when entering the account you have to consider the account size, Whether it contains space, enter the account is empty, and so on, when the account is correct and password error, account error and password correct and many other situations, this is the simplest function test, if you enter the SQL injection script in the account box, it will cause system security problems, Haha, seems to be irrelevant,  However, as a qualified tester, this is also to be considered. After writing the test case documentation, the standard process is for the relevant staff to participate in the review of the test cases, such as developers and product personnel, because testers will have to consider the situation when writing the document, so at the meeting of the Test case review, Participants will be presented with insufficient documentation and their questions, and the records of this meeting are to be collated into the documentation for the test case, as a copy backup, and after the software has been developed, test points in the test case and Test point presented in the test case review are tested. Functional testing we generally do not immediately start the software to test the details, first of all, the software's major functional testing, such as the steps to pay the function: Register the account, login, select goods, payment, we must first ensure that the function to achieve, and then consider the sub-function implementation: such as registering an account, Enter an existing account to register and so on. In the beginning of the company, I do not know how to start, writing test cases, when the test is not in sequence, and then in the company's software release, there are a lot of bugs, now summed up, functional test test cases to write good, Then in the test to test the software before the large function and then in detail to the sub-function of the system. Of course, if only to do black-box testing is not a high salary, at least for the moment I think so, so recommend you have time to learn more about the use of automated testing software.

I do some impressions of the black box test

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