I. Entrepreneurial lessons worth RMB more than 2 million-product articles and lessons worth more than RMB

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I. Entrepreneurial lessons worth RMB more than 2 million-product articles and lessons worth more than RMB

Health care sharing: Part 1

As the first technical engineer of the app company, I experienced the creation, development, financing of the company, and finally broke the capital chain. Then I created an app studio with my friends of the previous company, the app failed again, spanning more than two years. The lessons learned from the burning of about 2 million of entrepreneurial funds are truly profound.

Why should we put the product at the beginning?

After more than 2 million of the venture capital is burned out, my biggest experience is that the method of making products on the mobile Internet is very different from that in the traditional computer industry.

In the traditional computer industry, a product needs to be analyzed first, then designed, divided into milestones, and finally tested and listed.

But in the mobile Internet industry, this kind of product method is not necessary. The mobile internet has become too fast. It may have been unknown, but suddenly it has been on fire overnight. It may also have been on fire for a night, but it has vanished after a while. If the traditional software development method was followed, it would have been obsolete by users.

At that time, our product R & D cycle was too long. We can see from the following event:

2012.06: officially recruiting technicians. At the same time, through communication with the product manager, I have determined the functional requirements document.

2012.10: the first version of the web page went live. I joined the market with colleagues from ios.

2012.11: Around 70% of Background Development and outsourcing of ios development tasks

2013.02: the background, web pages, and outsourced ios have been developed. Ios apps often crash during testing. After taking over the ios code, ios colleagues found that there were hundreds of warnings during code compilation. Barely moved to the app store without any promotion work.

2013.03: the second version of ios is developed, and ios apps are also redone without outsourcing code.

2013.04: re-financing successful.

2013.05: after the second version of ios development is completed, it was announced that ios was greatly modified. The third version of ios development was not promoted.

2013.08: the third edition of R & D is completed. At the same time, I invited kenny, a cool man, to become the technical director (kenny was an executive at Microsoft, Autodesk, and had his own entrepreneurial experience. He was also proficient in android and iphone Development) Khan, in the past one year or so, there was no technical director. Only a few technical personnel could discuss each other. At the same time, the entire business process should be greatly modified, and the entire background, front-end, and app should all be re-initiated.

2013.09: attract android Developers to develop both ios and android.

2013.11: ios was officially launched, and android was also developed. I thought it was necessary to promote it. As a result, the company's shareholders were divided into two camps and quarrelled. Soon there was a message about the broken liquidation of the company's capital chain.

This month, we set up a studio to develop another app.

2013.12: In a month, a simple prototype is first made and officially promoted.

2014.01: during this month, we promoted and improved our functions. Through the Xiaomi store list, we recommended more than 10 thousand registered users.

2014.02: in the past of the Spring Festival, I gradually did not agree with the core selling points of this product, so I left this studio.

Later, I chatted with my former colleagues, and this studio also dispersed around June 2014. The final number of registered users is 60 thousand.


From the above event notes, we can see that in the first app phase, the entire company is working hard to develop products and wants to make a perfect product before launching the market.

In this process:
We have never touched any users!

The product has not been used by the target user!

No user feedback has been collected!

I developed a new version in 2 or 3 months, and then revised it. It took me several times and wasted some chances to recover the failed version !!!

In this process, we are guided by the traditional software development ideas, making a big and comprehensive product, testing well, and launching the market.

However, after the first time I made an app, I had to think about it and summarize it. I knew this idea was wrong.

In the past, due to traffic and geographical reasons, the information that everyone knows was very different. The transmission of information was slow and inefficient. (Let's take a look at a large number of Flying Pigeon books in costumes, in ancient times, pigeons can not only eat but also express pigeons. But now, on the mobile Internet, information is transmitted in seconds.

In this age of information explosion, users receive too much information and their attention is extremely dispersed. Today, users may be attracted by this app, and tomorrow they will be attracted by another app, users are greedy for new users.

Therefore, the most important way to develop mobile Internet products is to take a small step. First, we will provide a function to launch the market by express delivery, receive user feedback, and decide whether to continue to develop new features based on the feedback.

In traditional product R & D, we don't know what users think. What opinions do users have after using the product? In most cases, we can only decide the product based on the company's leadership.

However, with the popularity of social media (qq, Weibo) on the mobile Internet, we can still communicate with users throughout the process.

In the early stage, we were able to contact users through social media, learn the pain points of users, and push users to demands through social media. The product requirements obtained by users are far more reliable than the product manager. This was not done in the first and second apps. The pain points solved by the product users were implemented by the product manager and never touched on the target users. Failure is inevitable.

Keep in touch with users during product development, receive feedback from users in a timely manner, and allow users to participate in product development (for example, if users feel any dissatisfaction, they can make suggestions, schedule engineers Based on importance. When developing the second app, the user reported that it was inconvenient to search for users based on the user name. After receiving this requirement on the same day, we added a search similar to the QQ number, after going online, q & A users in the group liked it)

In a company, customer service is the role that maintains the most close contact with users. However, in traditional ideas, only specific customer service can access users, other roles in the team do not touch users.

In the mobile Internet industry, it is best to form a new concept: full customer service. Everyone in the startup team should contact users, understand user needs, and integrate with users. What kind of good products can be developed even if users do not know?

With the second app development experience and the current cloud service company, the idea of "full customer service" is to implement it. As mentioned in many interviews on the mobile Internet, the CEO is the chief customer service and has spent a lot of time communicating with users.

Zeng jiansheng: I have experienced the establishment, development, and collapse of mobile internet startups, participated in app studios, and spent a little time using 2 million of entrepreneurial funds, these experiences have brought a lot of lessons and thoughts on the Life industry. We are currently engaged in the development of cloud products with daily PVS of over 10 million. QQ & Personal ID: 384164942.

Lessons from entrepreneurial failure

Looking at a person's biography, there are both successful experiences and lessons of failure.

Start-up problems

How many customers will you have in a day after the opening?
How much will each customer consume?
Is there any other fees besides the rent, such as the user agent, management fee, and license ......
What are other fees?
In this way, the average monthly total income-how much profit can be made after the average monthly total expenditure? How long can I return the data?
How do you allocate an approximate monthly profit to him? So much profit can you make?
You can solve the above problems if you think about them clearly, but remember: these problems must be thought by yourself. No one can say anything.
Who is the most important decision-making power? We must negotiate with each other to discuss other things. We must be cautious when investing!

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