I fell in love with her.

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Today, I was planning to go to the bookstore to find a book about php + mysql and take it home. I stayed at the bookstore for a long time and couldn't decide. books are expensive, and others know more about technologies. the book is familiar, and it took three hours to select the book. I just decided to purchase the php + mysql self-taught manual and found the book <you must know. net> this book is very popular in the blog circle. I have read some middle fragments, but I did not find them in the bookstore last time. today, I suddenly saw her. I picked it up and browsed the next word! Pay back now. It's expensive! I spent two hours browsing my work. I found this book really good and suitable for people who want to continue to study. net. I plan to spend the first time reading it for a month.

She is really good. I fell in love with her. <You must know. net>!

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