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1. The most powerful "Free ebook" Download Area --

Sina e-book sharing http://ishare.iask.sina.com.cn/(hundreds of thousands of Oh, all are free drops !)

2. Good Performance free network hard drive-cloud disk Network (10g free super large space Oh, support sharing, can encrypt files) http://www.diskes.com/
3. Love cool TV series


4. The legendary "Tianya 1st town Mountain God stickers "!!! (I understand it first. Do not click on the device with low sub-configuration. Will crash. Zhenshan post is not a joke. If the configuration is low, it will be stuck in the outside. If the configuration is high, you will laugh in it)

5. powerful "Mars Input Method" (very strange. You can translate your simplified text into "Mars", "traditional", and "flashing". Let the other party guess, haha


6. Short fun network-the best text message!


7. Odd things Network (great world, no wonder)


8. websites that send text messages for free
Http://for-ever.us/foreign, can send English text message for free, Pinyin letters, unlimited times, casually send !!!

9. Online Games


10. You can view the websites of overseas TV stations! No card! Let's take a look at the real life of every country)


11. Enjoy Boston in the near distance
Http://www.xrez.com/boston_giga.html is a super clear map based on Google there is a controller in the upper left corner of the map to see whether it is really clear enough to go to also look at the city of the United States

12. A private note that can be sent and read and automatically destroyed

Https://privnote.com/enter the information you sent, you can get a link that will be emailed to your friends. When you read the information, you will be notified immediately, and the link is valid once. After reading the information, the link is automatically destroyed.

13. A pencil

Http://leoburnett.ca/FLASH/index.htm the whole website is browsing under a pencil stroke you go to try it too creative !!!

14. A great foreign game website

Http://www.friv.com/Enter friv, home page is full screen game, is divided into a grid, no name no introduction, it depends on which you play which. Every game has a game Operation Method on the left. The best thing is that every game is simple but fun. This is the best site for fun

15. Digu-talking about ordinary people's ordinary life (good Weibo)

16. Corporate review network (the true comments of employees on the company include comments on multinational companies, which are of great reference value)


17. free online reading of hundreds of local newspapers today, "Electronic nationwide newspapers! Can look at the "Hometown" News Oh http://www.abbao.cn/(AB newspaper)

18. Generate a personalized "Flash" for free (cool and cool! The online official seal still has an "out-of-love Certificate" and "out-of-love Certificate "!)


19. Practical! Online hair style design (uncle Ge cannot use it)


20. n more special discounts, it is estimated that MM will like


21. Online drums ~ Conference


22. Mo station --- the station is quite comprehensive and featured as "on-demand broadcast". There are more than N ghost stories!


23. Several unnamed websites are recommended, but they are quite distinctive. The first is definitely a very strange website (it was a little scary at the beginning and had to be prepared)

Http://www.conclaveobscurum.ru/(this is a little weird)

Http://amanita-design.net/samorost-2/ (It's not scary, it's fun)

Http://soytuaire.labuat.com/(very special, very beautiful !)
24. Classic online games


25. Tibetan Poems (Love is hard to open in your heart. You can use it to express your love !!!)


26. yige.com-a music website that is too simple and simple


27. Failed photo collection


28. Convert the photo into characters ~ Amazing ~ However, there are requirements for images ~ Must be a 60*50 jpg image ''very cute


29. Delicious Factory (Private food concentration camp, come here to share your ideas !!)


30. Today, 2 dishes and 1 soup (simple! Convenient! Delicious! Action !!)


31. DIY poco cuisine (picture color is not worth mentioning !! Drool stream !)


32. Public Comments Network (first-hand Food Information !)


33. youdao translation-free online translation (you can translate the entire webpage)


34. avatara creates your own "3D Dynamic" avatar online for free

Http://avatara.com/(English site, can be used for web translation OH)

35. How to decorate your hut


36. Learn about the most authentic European and American cultures and customs


37. Humorous advertisement video website


38. Real terror online games-626 hotels

Http://www.hotel626.com/real shot terror game, the screen is like a terrorism blockbuster, and you are the protagonist, using CS like the first person, whether it is the scene, atmosphere or sound effects are super strange, let you fully integrate into it! In order to make the game better, this website can only be set to play between PM and am. Of course, if you want to play at any time, you can change your local time.

39. Interesting online face changes to animals (you can also change faces in Sichuan Opera !)


40. Sound collected as much as possible (an absolute "sound Museum)


41. anecdote encyclopedia!


42. Movie Subtitle search


43. Shi guangwang-movie comments (very professional movie comments)


44. Mobile phone number value assessment
Http://www.51phone.net/just for entertainment, it is still quite interesting

45. catch shrimps! A website that selects various types of network information for you. (I like to call it "blind ")


46. Trailer world (released the latest HD movie trailer)

Http://www.yugaopian.com/a good place to check your slides
47. Where to go-Travel search (you have to push it! Special 1 price 2 ticket !!)


48. A website that shares music based on your preferences absolutely has many good songs you cannot find!


49. The coolest online browsing platform for e-magazines found today


50. Use 1024 people to name your picture

Http://www.madin.jp/ouen/ (this is to show you a picture of the cheerleading board generated with the picture you submitted)

51. Online P photos, making yourself a star easily


Online image processing tools (powerful)


52. Lei dianwang (Lei is healthier !!)


53. Interesting (interesting ?)


54. Joke


55. wallpaper cool


56. Fill your photo with mosaic


57. Rare overseas MP3 free website


58. A variety of strange news, let you see different News (nothing to fry an egg)


59. Search for images by color

Http://www.etsy.com/color.php only need to move the mouse cursor to different positions, you can get different colors, click each color, you can get the corresponding picture.

60. quickly generate "old photos" (the illusion of turning back time)


61. A website with fun ideas !!!

Http://www.matchingbus.com/zui.asp you also come to express your point of view!

62. love comics


63. It is a treasure for users and grass for those who do not need it? Curious. Go in and check it out)


64. A simple, clean, and beautiful image website

Http://www.topit.me/(visual feast OH)

65. Virtual Keyboard
Http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/music/pda_virtual_keyboard/ idle time to use this virtual keyboard to play a song, you can use the shortcut key or mouse operation. There are various beats and sound effects.

66. Film and TV network"


67. You can enter a word to pronounce it in Cantonese)


68. reviewer network ----- come here to comment on the university teachers you are interested in


69. Perfect online image synthesis tool

Http://cn.photofunia.com/This is a foreign website, but developed the Chinese version, we are blessed. This website is very powerful. It can combine the pictures of a person you choose or your photos perfectly into the templates you choose. There are also a wide range of templates, there are as many as 135, make sure there are templates that suit your taste!

70. foreign food album

71. Full impact record

Http://okaydave.com/unique design site is like a billboard, click on the above picture will have interesting video images, of course fun needs your mining

72. animations that make you high
Http://www.neave.com/strobe/ open the web page Click the middle of the title to enter staring at the middle to see 20 seconds, and then look at other places, it is said that the effect is amazing

73. Cute design ~ Pai_^ 'hands and feet sound mixing! Interesting ~ (Click to start and try your feet)


74. World site bank

Http://us.worldviewbank.com/cn/ homes, perceive the world. The screen is concise and the music is quiet. In the hot summer, enjoy yourself is calm and cool.

75. Alternative Animation

Http://fsk.deviantart.com/art/Line-Rider-beta-40255643 draw a line with a pen, the villain will run along the line, you can flip the head can decline, n different results all in your grasp ~

76. IQ Superman ~ )


77. magic bottle

Http://www.bascule.co.jp/wonderful website to ensure that you have never seen the scroll bar on the right side of the website, drag it to the bottom point of the little guy who takes the bottle, haha what to see. Other mysteries of this station are waiting for you to discover.

78. This website has online cameras in many places around the world. You can see the real world in that place. It is worth watching. Http://www.ptzhu.cn/realworld/default.htm

79. An absolutely shocking flash game
Http://www.gettheglass.com/screen super Shock no less than DreamWorks blockbuster

80. Very romantic games, the purest games

81. World's smallest web page

Http://www.guimp.com (the size of its home page is equivalent to only one icon, and nothing else. Although the design is small, there are games, blogs, albums, and so on, but this website is very test your vision and may not be able to see it .)

82. Many .. A lot .. A lot .. Personalized Avatar


83. yundun-classic quotations

84. Egg net
Every day, there are updates. It's just a smile and a death.

85. Bored-funny + Lei Ren + creative + entertainment


86. Designers and their works introduce the website and adopt the design idea of "Ferris wheel. (Shocking design !!!)

87. Music that helps you sleep

Http://www.soundsleeping.com/This website provides many interesting sound effects (drum sound, rain, birds, wind chimes ......), It is said that these sounds can improve sleep, relax, and reduce stress. If you have been tired for a day, try again.
88. You can disguise your desktop website.

Here, you can create a picture of a coin character using your photos online. It's cool !!

89. My God, tattoos


90. Selection of rotten tomato slices


91. A tu dog, hot and free resource information (free is Wang Dao !!)


92. xinban network-there are various and varied network "rankings"

93. Secret Network

A very interesting website that helps you find a place to write down your secrets. Many people with secrets cannot find their close friends. Now, you can go to the secret network to write down your secrets, because no one knows you here, and they all want to talk to secrets like you.

94. Panorama ----- It shows the panorama of scenic spots around the world.


95. Super change! Change! Change!

Http://www.mono-1.com/monoface/main.html is amazing! Clicking the facial organ makes a magic change!

96. skynet

97. Chinese dialect network-Great communication of dialect Culture


98. Scare you from the terrorist forum-the largest terrorist theme communication platform in China

99. All-person network-powerful human flesh search engine


100. The English teacher does not want to tell your website

A. Practice listening
American National Public Broadcasting Corporation http://www.npr.org/Standard American English.

BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/standard English
B. Exercise pronunciation
Weber dictionary: http://www.m-w.com/quanwei World Dictionary, absolute pronunciation standard, very helpful for Correcting pronunciation.

C. memorizing words

I want to model test network vocabulary exercises: http://www.51mokao.com/Users/UserPosts.aspx? Id = 373 & type = online vocabulary exercises of ages. It is not boring and efficient. You can also listen to the pronunciation of words on the answer page.
D. Practice reading
Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/

Features: rich and comprehensive content. All articles are in standard English, and reading more is also helpful for writing.
Suggestion: it takes about 20 minutes every day to select an article you are interested in to read, focusing on extensive reading. You can use the Weber dictionary website to query the pronunciation of new words. You can use Google Translate to translate words and sentences that you do not understand.

These small websites are good, but Lele is not as good as zlele. You should enjoy it together when you have a good post. If you like it, you can repost it to your favorites, so you will not lose it, I hope my reposted posts will bring you happiness!

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