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I have a few questions. -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. 1. What is the root cause of LINUX security over Windows? If it is because of kernel security, how can we ensure that all applications are secure? How can we ensure that no application is embedded with a Trojan? Although the source code is open, how many people actually read the source code to ensure that the source code is okay? Neither the time nor the technical level allows us to perform such checks. If there are only a few users who develop trojan programs, will the LINUX community grow and those hackers not find them?
2. I saw a few days ago that LINUX does not have file fragments because it always tends to store data in the memory, but such a design is no problem for the server, because the server is generally protected by standby power sources, we are not afraid of power outages. But for home desktop systems, how can we ensure that if the disk is not written in time and the power is down, we will not do our work in vain? For the desktop, it is acceptable for me to exchange disk fragments for timely disk writing.
For the time being, I have been thinking about switching to LINUX, but I still want to make it clear. So please give me some advice and give me some advice.
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