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I know how to make a beautiful category bar picture? new shop, it is necessary to decorate the shop. With iSEE made to eye-catching, personality of the category bar picture, added to the shop home, you can make it easier for buyers to find the baby needs.

Let's take a look at iSEE's static category bar effect chart:

Dynamic Sidebar Effect Chart:

To make the category bar picture step:

1. Open the ISEE and search for a beautiful material map.

General search to the material map size is relatively large, need to cut.

Click on the top tool bar-crop.

(Taobao's newest restricted category bar picture width: Within 185px, height is not limited.) The picture size is not limited. )

Enter the processing interface of the crop.

Select Fixed size---Resolution: 160x120px. (As long as the width within 185px can be.) )

Use the left mouse button to drag the dotted box, select the part you want to do background image. When selected, click "OK".

2. Make static category column picture. ---Add the text of the assortment baby on the cropped background picture.

Click on the left sidebar---text.

Enter the text processing interface. In the input box, add the text of the category baby.

Choose a good font, size, color.

Drag the dotted box with the left mouse button to move the font to the appropriate location.

You can click "Add text" to add text again. (such as: Shop address.) )

After the text is typed, click OK. The static category bar picture is done.

You can also add some fun graffiti to make the picture more beautiful.

3. Dynamic category bar picture. ---can add dynamic graffiti.

Click on the right tool bar---photo frame entertainment---dynamic graffiti.

Go to the "Live graffiti" editing interface.

Click on the "online material"---decorations and choose your favorite ornaments to decorate your pictures.

Finally, click "Save". The dynamic category bar picture is done.

With the same background map, you can add different baby categories, you can make a series of category bar picture. This ensures that the shop's decoration style is harmonious and unified.

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