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This morning in Baidu search under the "Taobao", "Taobao home", found that home 10 places have no Taobao guest figure, I do not know why, Baidu will these keywords to harmony.



All along, because of Baidu and Taobao two big giants of discord, Taobao guests have the opportunity to get involved in these keywords, but also a lot of people earn real money, gw007 and several stations are Taobao guests as a myth, now the myth has ceased to exist, Baidu is the real myth, he's a change, Let a lot of people fight day and night to do these key words of anguish unceasingly.

At present, "Taobao Mall", "Taobao shopping" and several key words have not been harmonized, but what will happen next? and "Taobao women" so a bit of the key to the side of the keyword will also change? No one can predict, from the common sense, search these keywords users are to Taobao, From the user experience, Baidu's home page should appear are Taobao pages, just because the two major differences between the Giants, only to appear these cracks, what will happen next, we try to stay!

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