I read Classics (8): a unique perspective on Software Engineering-I have a feeling of reading the "Building Method: modern software engineering"

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For computer-related students, we have learned many specialized courses, such as programming languages, algorithms, data structures, compilation principles, and software engineering. Many students may have the following question: how can I use so many courses? How many of them will be actually applied at work? That is to say, everyone thinks there is an insurmountable gap between theory and practice. Instructor Yan Xin's 《Construction Method: modern software engineeringIt is a good book that skillfully combines theory with practice.

After "the path to mountain migration" and "the beauty of programming", Mr. Yan Xin pushed the new "Construction Method: modern software engineering", it vividly presents all aspects of software work in front of everyone (especially college students), so that everyone can learn and learn at the same time ". This book is the combination of years of software R & D work and teaching experience. It is worth reading carefully by practitioners and students in IT-related fields.

After reading the book, I think it has the following features:

First,Both Theory and Practice. This book introduces the related concepts of software engineering, such as software engineering, unit testing, software development process, agile development, software requirements, user experience, software testing, and quality assurance. While introducing these basic concepts, the author also comprehensively explains how they behave in actual R & D work and how they are closely related to every developer and tester. When introducing these concepts, the author uses examples to illustrate them, which makes it easier for everyone to understand.

Second,Beautiful text, illustrated text. The author has spent a lot of energy to make readers feel bored when reading this book. First, the content of each text segment is not much, preventing readers from getting stuck with a large page of text and losing the courage to continue reading. Second, this book contains many interesting pictures, readers can use these images to deepen their understanding of related concepts. Once again, the content in the book is well-defined, and the author lists many knowledge points in several small order, making it easier for readers to read and understand.

Third,Humorous and humorous language. The concepts in software engineering are boring and monotonous, and the author knows this well. Therefore, in many parts of this book, the author uses a very humorous way to describe. For example, the book uses conversations between roles such as "a Chao", "Guo Dong", "Xiao Fei", and "Xiao Li" to reveal the essence of a concept. This makes readers feel "grounded" and accelerates their understanding of related concepts through funny conversations. I personally think this is the biggest feature of this book.

Fourth,Wide coverage and complete knowledge points. This book aims to introduce software engineering, but not just software engineering. This book also gives a detailed introduction to the growth of software engineers, innovation in the IT industry, and professional ethics. The author views the development of people in the whole industry and industry from different perspectives. His views are worth pondering.

Software development is a complex system. Only when every part of the system runs properly can the entire system be able to run normally. Once a problem occurs at a stage, the system is like a ship with water leakage. If it is not repaired in time, it will sink into the sea. Of course, in actual work, we have different division of labor, including development, testing, and QA. Everyone performs their jobs in order to make a software better and live a wonderful life. It is best to "extend the life of your life", so that everyone's efforts can get the expected return.

The building method: modern software engineering, an excellent software engineering book on the basis of theory and practice, is recommended for everyone to read.

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I read Classics (8): a unique perspective on Software Engineering-I have a feeling of reading the "Building Method: modern software engineering"

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