I read more in year 35 (I was inspired by the employment pressure and rewritten to "more than three or five fights")

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Note: This article is rewritten from "more than three fights" by Ye Shengtao. The purpose of rewriting is not due to spoof on the Internet, but to feel the employment pressure of college graduates. It is really awkward to take the articles about the old society to the present, it does indicate the employment pressure on the society after the expansion of colleges and universities.
I only changed some of them. Simply put, it can be a simple replacement of the text, and I hope that the replacement should not be replaced.
Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the Old Man Ye Shengtao. The idea of referencing your article is just to explain the pressure on employment, and we have always respected you, if this document is inappropriate, I will immediately remove it and apologize to you!

At the door of the Talent Market, bicycles come out of the village. The ship carries a job resume, which puts the graduates very low. Around the wheel and footsteps of the bicycle to the white greasy recruitment advertisement package, a ripple, really no space between this and that car. The parking lot is a street where only two or three people walk side by side. The job fair is on the street side. In the morning, the sun hang down from the broken mingwa canopy, and the light pillar falls on several old felt hats shaking outside the counter.

Those who wore the old felt hats rode out early in the morning. When they arrived at the parking lot, they couldn't breathe, and they came to the booth to tell their fate.

"Master's one thousand, Bachelor's eight hundred," answered the students in the booth angrily. "What !" Old felt hat friends hardly believed in their ears. Happy hopes suddenly sink, and everyone will stay.

"When we were studying undergraduate courses, didn't you generate 2000 or 3000 Yuan ?"

"Five thousand blocks have also been released. Do not say 2000 or 3000 blocks ."

"Where has it fallen so badly !"

"When did you know it? Graduates from all over the world surge like a flood of water, and will fall in a few years !"

Just now, I was riding a bicycle like a sailon boat. Now I'm relaxed in everyone's body. The day of this year, Zhao Ying, did not go to the subject, even the fourth and sixth levels have passed, read more in one breath so that in year 35, everyone thought it should be transparent. Where can I find the last divination, but it's worse than in previous years!

"I still don't want to submit my resume. Let's move it back and put it at home !" Such an angry word is pushed out from a simple heart.

"Sorry," Mr. sneer. "If you don't vote, will people be missing? There are many doctors and postdocs in various regions. The first batch has not been laid off yet. There are also several batches of Overseas Ships with "returnees ." Doctoral students, postdocs, and foreign ships are far away from each other. Instead of posting a resume suitable for the job fair, you can only talk about it as an angry word. How can I leave it alone? If you owe the school tuition fee, you have to pay back the money. For Internet access, purchase the answer, eat your stomach, and pay off the debt.

"When we ride to Beijing, Let's invest in harm." in Beijing, there may be a better fate waiting for them. Some people think so.

However, the gentleman came up with another "nickname" and said, "Don't say that Beijing is the same as traveling abroad. We will discuss this together, the price for these two days is one thousand for masters and eight hundred for undergraduates."

"It is no good to go to Beijing to invest," said his peer. "We are going to take two trains to Beijing to know how much they donate US. Let's just say that they donate the cash there ?"

"Sir, can you raise it up a bit ?" It's almost a cry.

"A little higher, it is easy to say a word. Our company is going to make money, you need to know. A little higher, that is to say, for you, who are willing to do such silly things ?"

"The price is too low, and we never dreamed of it. Last year's Master's degree was two thousand yuan, and this year's undergraduate students reached one thousand and five yuan. If you don't say it, two thousand yuan also exists. We think this year will always be a little more than one thousand yuan. Only eight hundred pieces are available !" "Sir, it's the old price last year. Seven and a half ."

"Sir, everyone is poor at reading books. Please be kind and make less money ." The other gentleman threw his cigarette butt in his mouth to the center of the venue and opened his eyes and said, "You may think the price is low. Don't make a good bet. You did it yourself. What do I do with doosu! We have a lot of foreign money. If we don't hire you, we have other good tricks. You see, two more bicycles are parked there in the parking lot ."

The three or four old hats rose from the stone class, and the old felt hats were covered with the red sauce of hope. They immediately joined the first group. The stretch-down light pillar fell on the shoulder of their broken cloth.

"Let's see what the price is for this year ."

"It's worse than last year, with only eight hundred yuan !" With a face of helpless sorrow.

"What !" Hope is like a soap bubble. It will split up three or four times later.

Although the hope soap bubble is split, the resume in the hand is always thrown out; and destined, only to vote for the company in this job fair. Some of the company's bosses have foreign money, while the students need foreign money in their empty pockets.

In the debate on whether there is work experience, whether or not the fourth or sixth level has passed the competition, the bicycle in the parking lot is really open to the sky; the wheel is better, the recruitment advertisements and spam without the gap between the vehicles are no longer visible. A friend of the old felt hat threw his build to the employer, and later he switched his hand to more or less stacked banknotes. "Sir, don't you give me overseas money, Yuan Shikai ?" The white rice cannot change the white cash. It seems that they have made a discount again.

"Country song braid !" With a pen in hand on the computation board, the disdainful eyes from the glasses are projected out, "a dollar bill will be used together, who will be less than a copper coin for you. We have no foreign currency here, only banknotes ."

"Then, change to the Bank of China ." Identify from the pattern and know that the money in your hand is not from the Bank of China.

"Scared !" The voice was harsh and the left index finger pointed out, "this is from the Central Bank. You don't want it, but want to go to court ?"

If you don't want the money, you have to go to court. I don't understand the truth. However, no one wants to understand it. When people look at the portraits on the money, they exchange a Letter of doubt with each other, and then they put the money into an empty pocket with a broken cloth or an empty bag around the waist. A group of people grayed away from the wansheng line, and another group of people jumped up from the boundary. Similarly, the hope soap bubbles split in front of the counter and drive away the joy of looking at the heavy rice spike in the autumn. Similarly, tens of thousands of white rice cannot be left alone, and the money is not white.

The streets are busy.


I will write it here. There is not much to be changed in the following content. You can refer to the middle school textbooks.
In this highly competitive society, how do you live?

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