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The report was released by 51Testing, and they will launch a test industry survey in the middle of the year, which was released in June this year, and I believe some of my classmates have already seen it, but I will pick the statistical results I am interested in and share with you.
Description: The report collects questionnaires from 2000 copies, from different cities across the country. First of all, this statistic is not big compared to the national testers (in fact, I do not know how many test practitioners in China, but certainly far more than 2000 people). Second, the national pay and skills requirements of different cities will have a certain gap, everyone reasonable view.

System testing is still the main test means, although the testing industry has undergone so many years of development, a variety of automated testing tools, but still can not replace the system testing. And I think it will be the main means of software testing for a long time. Unless there is a disruptive technology. Because, software technology update too, software business also involves all walks of life, some business is very complex, in this case only people can quickly adapt to this change, good system testing to ensure software quality and experience.

This list of automated testing tools, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar, but the actual application of the project to what extent there is a big difference. I will ask you in the interview how many use cases, after all, a hundreds of use case automation test project and a few use cases of the demo difference is still very large.
We recommend that you study and apply one to two automated test tools, after all, in the interview of the additional points. However, I think learning a programming language is much better than the benefits of two tools. There is no explanation for this.

Formerly the LoadRunner family was alone, and now JMeter has been flat. The future ratio should be surpassed. From the people around you can also feel the jmeter more and more mainstream. JMeter is a test tool that we need to take time to learn and master. It is mainly used to accomplish interface automation and performance testing.

The use of junit here is so high I actually have a question, is it mixed with Java developers? Most tests use the unit test framework primarily for UI Automation testing, whereas in the Java language testng is more appropriate for UI Automation testing.
Second, the Python language testers are also very much, the proportion of pyunit is not high. Pyunit is the predecessor of UnitTest, and if you want to learn selenium/appium well, the unit test framework is a technology that can't be bypassed.

After ~95, the proportion of the more and more high, the side of the "programmer is to eat youth rice", or the age of either career change, or management, I can persist for several years? Ha ha.

Undergraduate is the main force, the threshold of testing is also increasing, the proportion of the year in decline, more and more difficult to enter the industry.
Two days ago a classmate this complained to me, he has always wanted to join a company card he education, I asked why want to join a company, he said near home, Test team strong, can learn things. This is a clear reversal of cause and effect, the company hires an employee to consider what you can bring to the company? Strong technology and ability? If it is not top-notch excellent, then use the degree of your card off!
So, either improve your education or improve your ability. Or join a startup team is also very good, maybe just like a lot more quickly on the listing! ...

Most of the company's "automated testing" and "performance testing" are by the test/Senior testing engineers, there are not many companies to set up the two positions, and they are closely related to the testing of the business, it should be one of the test personnel must have a skill, separate some inappropriate, so, see the proportion is very low.
In fact, here is only a title, different companies division of the standard is not the same.

This should be loved by everyone. See what range you belong to? However, this is the national statistical results, the first-tier city of small partners obviously feel low.
As a result, small, underpaid partners may be constrained by their cities, for example, when you are in a two or three-line city and on the other hand are limited by your own skills.
For example, I interviewed a test this afternoon, five years of work experience and two or three years no obvious difference. It's not that you don't meet your requirements, but it's indicative of your future personal ascension. Because the development of the company and the personal development of employees are inseparable. Think about whether you are left behind, or if your skills match your seniority.

Every stage of each person will be confused, but also more than testing it!

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