I tested the theory today.

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I took the theoretical examination today. In the morning, my boss called and said that he would arrive at the driving school at and then leave for the exam. As a result, it took a long time for the car to arrive at half past twelve. Two minibuses, one hour and one hour, took us straight to the Guanyin mountain vehicle management center. I don't know the route the car took. The road went crazy anyway. I started to go around in the country. Then, after a while, I finally went through a gray Town and finally came to light, it's hard to imagine seeing the signboard of the vehicle management office. behind such a small path and a large dilapidated hut, there is such a huge, modern building that looks very clean and tidy, style.
When I got there, I saw some people picking up the list and finding that I had nothing except my ID card. I called the boss and asked the boss to sign up, you just need to report the name. Later I found out that the list was not tested. I will continue to take the test today ...... The boss once vowed to tell us that we were put in front of us. As a result, we stood in the hall for an hour, turned to an hour, and sat down for an hour before our turn, when the flowers thanked me, I watched the bustling Hall gradually become thin and nervous. By the time we arrived, there were basically not many people out there, and we thought we were the last one, so we guessed that we would not first report the list below, so we finally got to the end ...... The entire examination process was still quite smooth. I also got a very lucky seat number-No. 88, haha. Someone bought a "secret book", a five-dollar booklet, a color booklet, and a dense topic and icon. A friend said that he had turned over and did not dare to turn over anything else, well, I thought I did not buy my own books in my bag. I didn't think I would like to take it out. After the examination, I checked it out and handed it in. I got 95 points, 5 minutes wasted ^_^
Back in the evening, we still do the driving school's car. We didn't need to go back by car like we did in the last ambulance. When I got home, I had more than six o'clock. However, after the test, it was quite pleasant to be relaxed. Everyone said they would like to relax tomorrow and go to the sands, and look forward to ing _ ^.

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