I think that Java and. NET are the mainstream Web users. how do I view the fact that 90% of Chinese websites are developed in PHP?

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Clearly, I am asking about web, which is the Internet field. don't talk about it over the intranet or LAN. Clearly, I am asking about web, which is the Internet field. don't talk about it over the intranet or LAN. Reply content: Image View 100% of websites around the world are HTML/CSS/JS renderingSuch facts are the same. Which language is a learning problem that is the most annoying SB problem that can provoke the war of all parties? what kind of language is a question of superiority? Will a simple language seem to have to feel inferior to death? Naive ~ What is the mainstream? What if it is not mainstream? Aside from the language issue, isn't it the same thing that everyone solves? How many websites have php developed? the status of java in the Internet field has a relationship with php.

Java has never been used to develop web pages. Some are called java server development! Understand?

Is the output webpage a function attached to servlet? Understanding

I will give it to you if you don't understand it. " ServletIs on the serverSmall program running on. (From Baidu Encyclopedia )"

After processing http, do you think php is the Internet leader? For large web projects, php cannot solve some problems. if you change the language, it will be troublesome. Therefore, for large projects, java and. net will be considered first.
Small projects, of course, are capable of implementing functions. of course, they are developed quickly.
The logic of php is unclear, first using java and. net in the web field and then returning to the small section of the website.
Do you think you have been cheated on Learning java. You know that none of these 90% PHP websites are developed by themselves. Download a template online and start using it ~~~ 'You see, I am not sticking this Hoe'
'The big deal is that my picker can be used in different sections and scaled automatically. 'few companies only use one language.
If there are a lot of users and there is a sense of superiority in the language, which of the ones that write the compiler will not laugh at mathematics further?
"You Dolls use what we make ." Web is not necessarily a website.
HTTP and browser-based applications are considered WEB applications. I use java, but I do not think of java as the mainstream, and I do not think of php as the mainstream (. net is no different from java, so it is regarded as java ).

The usage rate does not indicate any quality problems. At the same time, in this world, most of the tools used less are excellent, just as the few excellent people will always be. I have no intention but to say something that is common-sense.
Who is the mainstream is an irrelevant question. The key is who can make superior works. You can withdraw from the competition by picking leaves and flying flowers.

What's more, things are short and long, and hard is a pain point. I personally think that php has been a hot topic recently, and there are a large number of recruitment demands. However, after the increase, the programmer's treatment is reduced, so I thought it would be the same year. net. net does not have much technical content, but it is only a real space. net experts will not use too many controls in the project architecture pattern design and the language itself is the core linguistics to a certain extent, it is too similar, so there is no portal for personal opinions

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