I want to take the php path further. is it necessary to obtain a network engineer's certificate?

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I want to take the php path further. is it necessary to obtain a network engineer's certificate? It seems that the network engineer is not associated with the coder. However, I always think that if you want to take the php path for a long time, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the network technology (you have never learned the system before, basic network application knowledge is still available ).

Compilation, C language, js, php, and linux are all relatively skilled (not proficient). Currently, I am a php coders (2 years ).
I am interested in php kernels, algorithms, and operating systems. The only thing that you are not interested in is the heap code! But it is still a life, and there is no way, every day is a hard head to pile up, like to complete the task.

Some time ago, I went to apply for a job playing with high concurrency in linux and php. I was beaten because of poor network knowledge.
During this time, I want to make up the Internet and get a certificate.
After all, I have limited time and energy. I hope some of my predecessors can give me some advice to see if I have invested some energy in this area and what kind of development direction is suitable for me.

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If you are a professional, how much the certificate can take... the premise is time and energy.

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