I will share with you how to learn jQuery in five hours. It is also suitable for learning PHP.

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The so-called learning is not just to understand the truth, but to use it for actual development.
Because I will
C/c ++; vb; delphi; c #; javascript; asp; php, so now I basically have a porridge in my notebook, sometimes it is even used in asp
The try retry method is so bitter that it is not so easy to learn new things now. because a company has recently developed a project that requires a lot of js development, it has to learn jQuery to reduce the degree of development. I have been using it for five hours, so I will share my method here.

The following is my example of learning jQuery-1.41:
In order to prevent mixing with other program statement, we had to help external forces. The external force I assisted was Editplus v3.2, I will not be embarrassed about what this component is. in addition to dynamic route Editplus, you also need to perform the <jQueryAPI-1.41 Chinese exam>
With these two things, we will have something wrong.

The following are some methods:
1. Open the editplus Security Project, create a new text file, and rename it jQuery. CTL.
2. Use EditPlus to upload the file. The basic layout method is as follows:
JScript code

# TITLE = jQuery v1.41

# INFO = EditPlus Cliptext Library v1.0 written by Seven (See7di@Gmail.com ).

# SORT = n

# T = get object

# T = ----------------------

# T = $ ("*")
$ ("*"). AddClass ("^! ");

# T = $ ("ul li") in ul, locate all the li addresses in ul.

$ ("Ul li"). ^!
# T = $ ("ul> li") Find the li in the same region as ul before.

# T = $ ("label + input") Find all the inputs that follow the label (same as others)


# T =
# T = bind events to elements

# T = ----------------------

# T = $ (''). live ('click', function (){});

$ ('^! '). Live ('click', function () {alert ($ (this). text ());});

# T = $ (''). hover (function () {}, function (){});

// Switch the vertex hover and the removed class

$ ("^! "). Hover (function (){
$ (This). addClass ("green ");
}, Function (){
$ (This). removeClass ("green ");


The above example is used as an example. You can simply upload the file based on your own situation.
3. For the JQuery API operator, all the functions, features, methods, and events that you think are useful to your development... the system is placed in the CTL file in a fixed format and saved at the end
Open EditPlus again, click "contents", Select "material" from the navigation bar, and find jQuery in the Select list.
V1.41 and click Configure. OK. All the configurations you have made are in the list below, when you are developing, you can use this to check the details during the development, until one day you are familiar with jQuery.
Then, you can start the operation.
The above method is used to configure PHP in the same way. Because PHP has many function numbers, it is very convenient to configure the function.

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