I will talk about "sewers" (Series serialization 4)-the years of fighting against BizTalk

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Let me talk"Sewers"(Series serialization3)--Shanghai and Microsoft

Saying that I entered this tubaozi Grand View Park after a trip back to the company, began to install biztalk2006, according to the sample began to engage in, and later added a BizTalk group: group33022@xiaoi.com, I got a lot of help from this group. Over the past two months in a hurry, the project also won. So I killed the battlefield with my friends: Define XSD, improve attributes, draw data flows, configure data conversion, develop custom assembly, call third-party web services, and use database adapters, the 18-year-old martial arts were on stage one after another, and it was a great time for the brethren to get on the BizTalk platform. At that time, the optical interface specification document was written on thousands of pages, which is so awesome! Of course, it is this process that gives me a clear understanding of what an ESB is, what a platform can be called an ESB, And what functions it should have. Half a year later.

Unfortunately, after the launch and operation, various problems, such as high availability, performance, system management, online debugging, etc., made us very passive and unprepared. I have an advantage: I love to study, and I also have a disadvantage, that is, I love to study. I'm not convinced, and a BizTalk can help me get down. How can I mix up in the rivers and lakes in the future. So, day, night, night, and day, I began to study it in depth. Finally, I went off. N samples and a brain chart (at the end of the figure) are taken out. I have drawn a picture of at least all aspects of my work in BizTalk, each of which has a self-written sample, and commented out the applicable scenarios.

Finally, I finally started my discussion... I concentrated all the technical power of the project in the company's large conference room and started to talk about it according to the brain map. You guys, don't be curious. Why don't you have a PPT? Because PPT is in my heart! Without diamond, how can I collect porcelain ware? How can I stand on the stage without being sprayed for several hours? Do you want to say this? Just as I was talking about it, the whole body trembled. "It's not good. We have low blood sugar. We have to faint ". I sat down and slowly introduced the topic to the background of the meeting. As a matter of fact, we have encountered so many problems, just because our team lacks the ability to organize and manage the BTS team. Although the horse is good, it also requires a good rider. Let me laugh at myself: many of us in this group do not know what soap has defined or when to use long transactions or short transactions, it seems that there are people who do not know what reflection can do. I swear from my conscience: Biztalk is definitely a comprehensive discipline: XML, XSD, XSLT, HTTP, soap, namedpipe, digital signature ,. net reflection call, ISAPI, database, windwos cluster... The most important thing is the crystallization of the legendary design philosophy after countless system integration projects, after suffering, and after soul sublimation. When fighting with the BizTalk Trojan, You need to integrate your thoughts into it and learn from them, this is the day of departure. Alas! It is a pity that before that day, my rider was determined to ride his own donkey. It was not that we could not ride this horse, but that it was too hard to ride it.

In fact, the company is not a cool man, but it is a pity that cool people are engaged in philosophy. For example, can a programmer be a technician, a technician, a fixed asset, or a low-value consumable product? It is said that only those with the best scores in the university can learn philosophy! (The landlord, let's get it straight !)

In fact, I have been reflecting on myself. In the past six months, I have never been as expected by my boss. Of course, if we can hold such a technical exchange meeting, it should at least be a bit self-motivated. Do you mean it? The Meeting continued until work. When I walked out of the meeting room, everyone outside talked about the same thing. This is the afternoon of 5.12.

With this meeting, we began to adjust a lot of designs and solve many problems. However, we will encounter more problems...

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