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What do you mean by the chain? It's when you post some footage, videos, audio, compression packs, and so on on the server that you want visitors to download from your page address. Instead of referencing your address to another site for download. This will not respect the publisher's results. Anti-Theft chain can also indirectly reduce the flow of your site, to avoid unnecessary losses. Now CDN is not according to the flow of money, the webmaster to save for their own AH.

Anti-Theft chain in the Vif 2 ways:

1. The basic anti-theft chain is more suitable for the site of the picture, through Referer (access source) to determine whether the other party is hotlinking.

2. Super Anti-Theft chain is more suitable for software download, audio, video such a large material, accounting for the resources of things.

Let's take a look at how to use the base anti-theft chain first. And then we can just go on and on.

Base anti-theft Chain

Come to the anti-theft chain of the panel, we can mainly point to add rules here:

The first step is to select a file type:

Here, I choose the file types for JPG and PNG. The corresponding host header (site) is: The port for this site is 80.

The second step is to choose what kind of presentation we want to take when we intercept:

Here, we choose to send a sentence: Hello myvif. You can try it, it's very interesting. If the option is to go to another Web site, then you can fill in the Web site in step fourth.

  The most important 1 points are: "Do not hook with public key" this option . This means that this is a base of the anti-theft chain.

The third step, the directory selection, if it is the whole station, then you can fill in the * number. The * number is a wildcard character. Of course? Number is also. Later you can see, as long as there is a blue bottom of the box, you can use the wildcard character.

Let's give you an example,

Site Directory all pic starts with pic*

Starting with the second character is the folder down;? down*

All folders that include the Buy keyword *buy*

Finally click Add, this rule is added. Want to test immediately, wait 30 seconds to automatically take effect. You do not need to restart IIS.

  To sum up: if it is not the source of, but want to obtain the station's picture resources, then will give it a hint: Hello myvif.

30 seconds in the past ........... .....

Look at the effect, let's construct a URL link on another page

OK, so the result of our visit is:

It worked. This is the base of the anti-theft chain. The other website wants to steal your picture again is not so easy. enough to base it.


Normal access, we build to this station on their own basis, see I change the address link:

This address is right, referer source is right, click to see:

It is better to do the experiment yourself than to see it so attentively.

Myiis-vif is free, so you can easily do webmaster. Become your server's real security patron and watchdog.

How do I set an exception to the security chain?

Anti-Theft chain exception is, if there is a station is my friendship site, or the site of my friends, I can allow the other party unconditional access to my rules of resources, and do not need to check the source of anything beforehand.

At this time, we need to come to the security chain exception of the column.

Set up after, such as effective, and so you go to the experiment to see the effect, absolutely effective.

  Pro, pay special attention to the following 2 points:

  1. Through the release of the referer is actually a keyword matching, as long as the referer we fill in the keyword, it is released. What do referer look like? : Let's ask everyone in the group.

  2. Only the basic anti-theft chain has the so-called anti-theft chain exception, the Super Anti-Theft chain is through key to match. There is no exception to the argument.

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