I7 7700K temperature is too high cause: Intel thermal reduction CPU temperature is too high

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i7 7700K temperature is too high cause: Intel thermal reduction CPU temperature is too high

A few days ago, a group of leaked i7-7700k official version of the online sale, whether from the top of the inscription or cpu-z detection, are The Ming, folk especially Taobao sellers strength to steal away.

Subsequently, many media also sent to the i7-7700k of the first evaluation, in addition to this generation overclocking more powerful, performance promotion is really very limited, and there is a very fatal problem, high temperature (such as TOMS Hardware test, the average is 20 degrees higher than 6700K, OC is high 30 degrees, The frequency is increased by 0.2GHz or the strongest 14nm,word Intel ...).

There is a review of the analysis of the general use of Z170 motherboards or Z270 Engineering Board BIOS on the matching is not perfect, resulting in a slightly higher voltage, but from the Anand Forum of netizens Richuk after the open cover test, i7-7700k the original heat dissipation materials is too poor.

Familiar with Intel users should remember that year's cooling door in Ivy Bridge era has erupted, the reason is SNB brazing for the IVB of ordinary silicone grease, later Haswell refresh did the correction, the three generations have no new problems.

Tester platform configuration: I7-7700k+asrock Z170 pro4s (BIOS v7) +corsair 2X8GB 3000Mhz C15+EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SC

Limin Ultra 120 heat dissipation, frequency, run Cinebench R15, average 60 degrees;

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