Iar6.4 compilation earlier than 6.2

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If iar6.2 or later is used to compile iar6.2, the following error occurs:

Error [pe147]: Declaration is incompatible with "_ nounwind _ interwork _ softfp unsigned long _ rev16 (unsigned long)" (declared
At line 177 of "C: \ E: \ stm32 materials \ source code \ 36 Ethernet stm32f107_eth_ LCD (Shenzhou IV) TFTP file transmission \ libraries \ cmsis \ core \ cm3 \ core_cm3.h 710

The cause of the error is that the intrinsics. h file of the new cmsis version is not compatible with the previous version.


1: Project Options>
General Options> Library
Select use cmsis in configuration;

2: delete all cmsis header files in project> Options> C/C ++ compiler> Preprocessor,
"$ Proj_dir $ \... \ libraries \ cmsis \ cm3 \ coresupport ".
Compile again, pass .....

If you want to help a friend who has encountered the same problem, see tn0803 techinical note.
How to Use ewarm 6.2x with projects built with ewarm 6.1 and previous versions

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